Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thingie Post

The thing I like the most about Vicky today is how it feels when he holds me. Just so that you know, Joe.

The thing I liked about him yesterday was how good he looked even without trying. He may not be film star material but damn, he's hot.


Aneela Z said...

Damn this list is getting hotter, just give me a heads up if tomorrow's post needs Parental Guidance. yaha par phamilies aati hai na.

R's Mom said...

@AneelaZ: lol on your comment :)
@Sue: super nice :)

Sue said...

Aneela -- It gets better. ;) OK wait. Only if he does.

R'S MOM -- Thanks :)

dipali said...

He does clean up nice:)
@Aneela - you made me grin from ear to ear:):):)Thunkoo!

Sue said...

Dipali -- :D