Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thingie Post

The thing I like about Vicky today is how he understood that it was the tiredness yelling, and that I badly needed a cup of coffee.

The other thing that I like about him today is how he offers to drop people off no matter how tired he is. He drops my friends and family off at homes/taxi points as willingly as he reaches his own family and friends.


Aneela Z said...

This reminds me of the line "remember the time we could forget our problems over a cup of coffee and a those are our problems".
For some reason the Nicorette ads on tele recently are just driving me to smoke.
Lucky you to have the love of a man who fixes you a cup of coffee, mine has ' converted' me to tea.

dipali said...

Such a list of good thingies should be kept handy, required reading for when we are mad at these menz:)

Noodlehead said...

sweet! score one for vicky :)

Gayatri said...

- Ur still calling it the thingie post...LOL
- Cute :D
- @dipali: so I might need it 24/7 :b

Sue said...

Aneela -- Anti-smoking campaigns make me want to light up. Vicky makes me whichever I want but I could grow my hair back to my waist while I wait for him to make it.

Dipali -- And take all the fun out of a good grievance? I think not!

Noodle -- No scoring system, yaar. Am only saying nice things in the thingie posts.

Gayatri -- Yes, and there's a reason for it: my cousin famously referred to Vicky as my "thingie" when she wasn't sure whether she should call him my boyfriend or fiance or husband-to-be.

the mad momma said...

i can vouch for that. he has picked and dropped us many a time. he's a great guy. i'm picking this tag up, Sue! maybe in the OA's birth month or in some other form. shall credit you

Sue said...

MM -- Feel free. I'll be happy to add to that. Got only nice things to say about the OA. :)