Thursday, January 06, 2011

It's useless to deny it.

I'm hopelessly addicted. Since yesterday I've been trying to stay away from this blog and failing... and it isn't even about food!

It's better than a Mills'n'Boon, isn't it? No guilty sense of illicit/lowbrow pleasure, at least. You read a letter, sigh over the adorable photograph and think of how much you would like one of those things that she is talking about.

At some point or another I think most of us can identify with a letter or two. It's like PostSecret in its way. And I for one wrote so many, many letters to the man I would one day marry. Thankfully, those conversations stayed safe in my head so the man I did marry cannot ever blackmail me with them... but while on the subject, if ever I learnt to be careful what I asked for, that taught me! Vicky has pretty much everything I thought to ask for and all the annoying little things that I never thought to blacklist. Dammit.


R's Mom said...

Isnt that the case with most of us...we tend to forget what NOT to ask for :)

Sue said...

R's Mom -- I'll say!