Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day #1

You know how they say that what you do on January 1 will set the tone for the year to come? If that is indeed true then in 2011 I will regularly

1. come home late in the morning after breakfast out with my friends -- after partying all night with Vicky's gang

2. sleep little as I try to get the chores finished to free up more time to socialise

3. bake cakes that turn out well enough and are easy to throw together but take hours to cook and yet garner lots of compliments

4. eat very, very well at birthday parties (kochuri-hing chorchori, fish fry, gurer payesh, dimer debil, fish chops, luchi-alur dom, mishti, plum cake, singara and I've lost track of the rest)

5. socialise on my own while Vicky sleeps and Rahul makes his own plans that rarely involve any parents!

6. get good news at night after working hard all evening hoping for it

So how does your year look?


MRC said...

Going by the prospects for your year, mine looks positively tame :D, BUT still Im looking forward to more barbeque and pasta dinners with our mutual friend, who incidentally was thankful that she did NOT spend this New Year's eve cleaning up certain yucky things.

R's Mom said...

Wonderful start eh! Happy new year to you!

Sue said...

MRC -- A barbeque and pasta dinner sounds delicious. I could live with a year of those. :)

R's Mom -- Happy new year to you too!