Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Post

When was the last time I wrote one? I wrote three today and a couple more this week but after ages and ages.

Writing has not been a fren of mine all month. I wrote for a client who sat on the copy for three weeks before finally confessing they had decided to go in for something else.

I wrote a story last month and got all fired up because after years I had written a story I actually liked -- OK, so I had written no stories in the interim -- but that was followed by no more stories. My head's filled with them, the boy gets more than his fair share of my mad stories (recent efforts included a Ramayan for Rahul which had Vicky raising his eyebrows at Ravan telling Sita she must divorce Ram and marry him but really, divorce is a part of Rahul's world and if Vicky keeps raising eyebrows, will be a part of the little dude's life, so he may as well get used to it) and where was I? Oh yeah, no more stories.

Another dead end -- a huge one -- has been Sunny Days. I don't know if I can keep blogging here. I can't see myself blogging elsewhere but I've been writing another blog, off and on, for some years now, and I like people not being able to trace me on networking sites or photos or whatever from there. Every time I try to write here I imagine some of my readers and sorry people, that makes me go read posts instead of writing them.

(Great work there Sunny Boy, insult readers and blame them for your writers' block in one quick thrust.)

Well, anyway, so that was that. No pomes. No stories. No work. (One quick sample for another client doesn't count.) No posts. Ergo one very unhappy me.

On the other hand I have sewed and embroidered. Feel free to diss these and get back at me for saying you make me want to not write.

Here are the cats, all six of them, that I planned as a wedding gift for Vicky. I finished the last one well in time for our fifth wedding anniversary, so notabad even if I do say so myself. I know, it's a lousy pic.

Here are some mangoes I sewed to match the coasters. This one got better light so you can actually make stuff out.

And here are some hankies I made for the Cal blogmeet. Feel free to guess which hanky went to which blogger.

I also made a pretty pair of felt baby shoes but unfortunately I packed them before I remembered to photograph them, so you'll just have to take my word for it that they were cute.

I also baked a chocolate tart (finger-licking good), a quiche (buttery goodness), brownies (with Godiva dark chocolate), orange pound cake (smelled heavenly too) and choco-rum cakes, among other things. They all, I am happy to report, tasted very good. Despite some of them scaring the living daylights out of me.

Anyway, hopefully by now you've forgotten that I was rude to you. Either that or you've thought up enough nasty things to say about my babies to not feel sorry for yourself any longer.

Talking about babies, have you seen the beauties produced by Sreetama Ray? To think they were about to make a lawyer out of her.

And that, my children, is an object lesson in how to write a respectably long post going on and on about how you cannot write. Just don't insult your readers while you are at it, of course.


shub said...

If this is what you can produce while claiming to be unable to write, then well...hmph. You just insulted us (well, me atleast) more.
Loved the cats! :)

Sue said...

Shub -- I can blather. That takes no effort at all. The effort in this post lay in locating the pics. And thank you, I love the cats too.

artnavy said...

GORGEOUS STUFF and the cakes sound sinful.

see u soon?

Sue said...

Art -- I'm afraid not. :( I discovered in the wee hours that we weren't getting the tickets we needed. Sorry for getting you guys so worked up. I'm quite disappointed myself.

Banno said...

Sue, You've been doing well. Embroidery and sewing bring back long, long ago days. I stopped years ago, so your pics were great. I'm so envious of the Cal bloggers. :)

Thinking Cramps said...

Why cats? :)

Lovely stuff - am so impressed that you use your time constructively when you don't have clients breathing down your neck. I just do nothing.

GettingThereNow (Cee Kay) said...

Yahoo!! I think I can accurately tell which one went to whom - let;s start:

The one with a "K" - Kiran
The one with a frog - Ro
The one with a diya - Dipali
The one with the peacock feather - Rads
The one with the flowers - Evie

Am I right? :D

I wonder what would I have gotten if I had been there.

E said...

I loved the one with the frog. Remind me to send you a pic tonight!!

Sreetama said...

Oi! thanks for the mention. Just came to this via Fb and there I was.
also, the embroidery is awesome. cakes, well, khhetey hobay. tobei boltey parbo. :)

Anonymous said...

write write write

Sue said...

Banno -- Any chance we can lure you (en famille) Cal-side? What would constitute a suitable bribe?

Ana -- Probably because I keep finding common characteristics between Vicky and cats? Just now, for instance, it struck me that Vicky too possibly uses his whiskers to measure the width of passageways that he can enter. That would explain his resistance to shaving.

I have neither sewed nor baked in two weeks. Nor have I had clients breathing down my neck. :)

Cee -- Oh I know what you'll get (when we meet). That apart, full marks. :)

E -- Waiting!

Beqesh -- Yes...

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Please don't stop writing here. Even if it's all randomness and quarterly. Just love this blog...always have and always will.

And you are multi-talented. You really, truly are.