Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feeling Christmassy Yet?

It's surprisingly cold this winter and my handful of plants are dying. I have no idea how to save them.

Mornings need a shawl on top of other warm clothes and nights need socks. I have finally broken out the fun socks I got from my personal Santa Claus last year (my Shejomama in Miami) and can be seen with feet adorned by multicoloured checks, Argyle diamonds, bobbles, stars, bows, the works.

No Strings Attached played at JU last night. Same old stuff, same great play. Wish the boys would pass some recordings around.

Started yesterday morning on an awful note. Walked out of the house in a huff and stalked off to my mother's, where Rahul was. He didn't want to go home either so I left him there and went to Beq's. Kakima fed me apple cake and sandesh and Beq and I walked down to Sen's where we saw millions of pics from Sen's holiday in Bhutan. Now I want to go to Bhutan. At least, I don't want to go just now, perhaps a month or two later when it's warmer.

Then Beq and I went to Alpine behind Dey's Medical to buy him a new knapsack. I love the rucksack he has bought from there too.

Home and the cooking of lunch. Then a bath and JU. The day passed, they all do.

The Christmassiness of things is slowly starting to seep in at last. Our tree will be up in a few days. I've decided not to wrap up Rahul's gifts this year since he has seen most of them already and been allowed to open two! Looks like Vicky and I aren't getting anything from Santa this year but Christmas came early for us two, for all three of us actually, so I'm not complaining. I need to bring out the ornaments and Santa Claus. The lights, thanks to Diwali, are at hand.

Need to start baking today.

Christmas party at a neighbour's tomorrow. Dinner with parents after that. Wondering what to make. What plans do you have for the weekend?


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

No concrete plans, as of yet. Off for a few days to Shanti Niketan, that much I do know.

The Orange Cat said...

Which Dey's Medical? The one on Elgin Road, or elsewhere? (it gives me such a kick to try to relocate Calcutta in my head)
I'll be spending the weekend and the rest of Christmas in Iowa.

Sue said...

M4 -- Have fun, you guys.

Orange Cat -- The main one on Bondel Road. Have a happy Christmas, then. With hopefully great food.

Rohini said...

Don't forget the ornaments I sent you last year

Sue said...

Ro -- They are out on the sideboard along with the most of the other stuff! The last packet will come out now that the boy is off a-visiting.