Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fallout and Finger Fries

After I wrote Thrift, I got scolded by E for fretting about money without cause. It made me think a bit about why I had fretted so much and here is what I think: for the first time in years I did not earn a rupee all month. I am no good at spending money that I do not perceive as mine, which is how I view the money Vicky earns and gives me for the household kharcha. So, yes, every time I went into a shop I started feeling a little low because I could not justify a single impulse buy, not even a wee chocolate since I wasn't earning. (This does not mean I did not buy myself any wee chocolates though!) Anyway, that is a temporary state.

The other fallout was that I jinxed a perfectly good weekend by writing about how good it was and promptly fought with Vicky. Sometimes, just sometimes though I wish he would see for himself how tired I get and how the answer to my tiredness is not tell me to take it easy but to help out with the chores.


I fried my finger yesterday and life-altering experiences like these change one's perspective on life. I am now a bigger, wiser person. I shall celebrate my new lease of life (didn't expect to survive the night) by spending the day exactly as I wish. Those Niyogys and the rest of the Roys can jolly well go amuse themselves. You would think a fried finger merited some sympathy but thus far Vicky told me I was being a baby; my mother laughed at my death agonies; my father patted Vicky on the back when I called him an unsympathetic pig for calling me a baby; my Kaku (uncle) congratulated me on a job well done; even the boy was more engrossed with grabbing my ice bag than consoling me on (nearly) losing a finger.

When I win the Nobel, guess who will not be invited to share the fame?


Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma?!? said...

Of all the things to fry!

Chal, ekhon bhaalo to?

Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma?!? said...

Of all the things to fry!

Chal, ekhon bhaalo to?

sraikh said...

Poor thing.. a fried finger is no laughing matter.

And I agree about money and worries.And me..I am the queen of thrift!

R's Mom said...

Aww! hugs to you :) and I am pretty much like you...my hubby calls me a 'gujju ben' because I am always thrifty about stuff!

vicky said...

Do they hand out Nobels for dramatics nowadays?

MiM said...

finger fries. happens when the mind is muddled.
i went the ER , two months ago...

free your mind. eat your chocolate

Noodlehead said...

poor u, sue! hope the finger's better soon. sheesh! what's the world coming too, nobody cares about burnt fingers anymore ;)

I think much the same as you when it comes to money and I'm glad I actually earn now. I still don't like spending his money but he insists on not taking any money from me for household expenses. And this is how arguments begin at Chez Noodle. Sigh. I'll come off to Cal and then we'll continue with this topic :D

Subhashree said...

Aww.. hugs baby... very mean, innit?! How is your finger now? Better?

Sue said...

M4 -- Yeah, it seems quite disappointingly normal today. The blister is barely discernible.

Sraikh -- Thank you! And yeah, I quite enjoy your thrift posts, I must say. :)

R's Mom -- LOL@ Gujju ben. That's rather cute.

Vicky -- Don't worry yourself about whether they do or they don't because you certainly will not be involved in it either way!

MiM -- Gosh, yours was far more dramatic. I had some Viennese coffee with chocolate shavings on top an hour ago. Most comforting. The company (Dipali) was even more cheering.

Noodle -- I don't think the husbands get it because they've never been at the other end of it. Oh well. Come to Cal. You can bake for me. ;)

Subha -- It's much better today, thanks. How are you keeping now?

E said...

No really Sue, Vicky got me thinking- do they hand out Nobels for dramatics??

Bah! Fine- despite all that- how is the finger?

dipali said...

You do know that you are a clown, don't you?
How is the poor wee finger today?

Sue said...

E -- Whose side are you on, anyway? *glares*

Dipali -- That's right, mock my agony.

The finger is much better, barring the occasional twinge it looks quite normal so all in all, it's a huge letdown. I had thought to milk it for a while longer.

Just Like That said...

I'm all sympathy for your poor fried finger, but you'll understand that I just have to LOL, won't you? :-D.

Sue said...

JLT -- No, I do not understand any such thing!