Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Rahul has been using aapni for some time now. I have been trying to teach him to use it when he speaks to his teachers but have not got anywhere with that. Out of the blue though he started referring to all of us as aapni. When he is tired or excited he mixes it all up and the ensuing conversations can be really funny.

"Babu, eta dekhun!"

"Baba aapni amake Horlicks debey?"

"Diddi, tui amekey khelna diye deen."

It's rather cute though. Especially when he gets it all correct. I have always liked the sound of little children saying aap/aapni. When he calls me aapni in his own inimitable way it sounds absolutely adorable.


Insiya said...

This is a lovely post. Reminds me of my many attempts to speak Bangla correctly. I have most difficulty with the tui/tumi/aapni bit, and sometimes I even say "ami kheyechish."

dipali said...

Awwww! Must meet him soon:)

kaichu said...

guru!! (chondali dosh, heehee)

PS pliss to record him saying such gems? =))

@insypoo, whyfor? the tui/tumi/aapni in bangla is remarkably similar to tu/tum/aap in hindi, no? at least, that's what i always figured.

Sue said...

Insiya -- LOL At least you try. It's no joke learning new languages as an adult, I have always maintained that.

Dipali -- :)

Kaichu -- Nah, never get around to it.