Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Day to Remember

Today I made pancakes from scratch and served them with chocolate ganache and gur as an alternative. Lunch was at the new Just Baked on Anwar Shah Road, but dinner was alu ke parathey a la Dipali that even my father liked. (Ma says he was mellow from not having had home-cooked food for the last three odd weeks -- he just returned from Vizag.)

I was Archangel Gabriel at a children's birthday party hosted by our neighbour and family friend and wore little pink and white wings with a shiny dress and carried a silvery 'wand'. I had fun dancing around with Santa and helping hand out gifts.

We had a singalong in the party and I was complimented on my voice and asked to sing a little solo by the professional singers and people in general were most flattering. It has been ages since I heard my voice on a mic and it didn't sound half bad.

And I've saved the best for the last: my little post that I started so long ago and never finished metamorphosed into a proper piece for Pyrta. Do go check it out in the Prose section. Thanks, Janice, for the push. :)


Sumana said...

I just read you article and could relate it to so well. I grew up in different places in India. The question 'where are you from' perplexes me no end.

I know nothing of the city I was born in ...Kolkata for me would always be Dadu-Dida's place. My mom looks hurt every time I prefer Dosa over luchi.

Loved the ending of your article ;-))

Bubble Catcher said...

Loved the Homes post :)

Sue said...

Sumana -- ;)

Bubble Catcher -- Thank you :)