Monday, November 15, 2010

Young Blood

1. I recently met an author I greatly admire and he turned out to be quite as charming as he should have been. I came away from the meeting patting myself on the back for handling it in a mature, restrained fashion, polite, entertained and entertaining, neither monopolised nor monopolising. Dana told me I giggled and bridled like a starstruck teenager.

2. When one listens to Jumping Jack Flash as one walks down the road, it is impossible to keep the sashay from the steps or the rocking from the head. Jagger may be a reprehensible old git but boy could he sing.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Who, who, WHO????

eve's lungs said...

I would tend to believe Dana .
Jagger may be an old git now but he wasnt when he first did JJF .He was cool and sexy ,

dipali said...

I think I know who you are talking abut! Do I?

Gayatri said...

- Girls and giggles go together..age no bar
- And music is a time machine ...sighhhh!

Anonymous said...

I think he still sings damn well. Back then, it was a different matter altogether though.
Who's this writer though?

Sue said...

M4, Beq -- Ruchir Joshi. Very charming. :)

Evie -- Of course you would believe Dana!

Dipali -- Yes. :)

Gayatri -- True, both, although you'd think I'd be less girly at my age!