Thursday, October 07, 2010

When Pintsize is away

... first the mother goes all damp-eyed and stifled sob-ey at Howrah Station.

Then she parties all night.

Then she goes into deep, deep depression for the next four days, emerging only when Sir Beq in shining red cloth comes marching up and scolds her and mocks her until she snaps out of it.

Then she ignores the silence in the house and decides to blog again.

Then she goes to meet Ratul-boy and cuddles him and tickles him and makes him giggle and starts missing Pintsize all over again.


On the other hand, this I suppose is the ideal time to tackle the house. I'll do that. Eventually. Also, great time for sex and late night socialising.


Aneela Z said...

Sex..*thinks back fondly*..oh yes it was all the rage when we were young. I wonder if they still do that thing with mirrors.
Late night socializing, whats that? You mean that bit when you drive to the ER?

Sue said...

Aneela -- Yes, I assure you, 'they do it with mirrors'. :P

We don't socialise at the ER but we've been known to pass several hospitals in the course of a night!