Thursday, October 21, 2010

What they are doing in Vizag


Why The Boy Does Not Miss Home Or His Parents

I got a call from Ma this morning, in which she related a monologue by Pintsize:

Amra aajke kothaye jachchhi?

[no response from fagged audience]

Oh, amra kothha-u jachhi na? Amra aajke haan korey baritey boshey thakbo?


Where are we going today?

[no response from fagged audience]

Oh, we aren't going anywhere? Are we going to sit and stare at the walls today, then?

Of course, you need to hear him say it in his own, inimitable, utterly charming way. He had no real fault with the programme outlined above, merely wished to know if that was the plan.

Heaven help us when the little gadabout returns.


starry eyed said...


Sue said...


dipali said...

That's my Bhablet!!!!!

Gayatri said...

- He had a point and he 'expressed' it :)
- Neat choice of words ye know :D

GettingThereNow said...

LOL! I could exactly imagine (or so I thought) how he must have said it. I am dying to meet him before he turns into a strapping young lad!

Mama - Mia said...

we look forward to a lot more laughs!! :D


Sue said...

Dipali -- *rolls eyes*

Gayatri -- I'm extremely impressed by his command over language. Same chap says "My this is!" in English. :)

Cee -- We-ell... strapping young lad is a few years away yet. Come on down. Or next year, Jerusalem. Or, in our case, Bombay or Delhi. :)

Abha -- There's something every day, yaar. Little dude's a standup act on his own.