Sunday, October 10, 2010


Rahul went to Vizag with my parents and brother a week ago and will only be back for Kali Pujo. He's driving them batty in his own inimitable way... here's a sample:

Diddi, tumi o-dikey takao tahole ami dushtumi korle tumi dekhtey parbey na.

Diddi, if you look that way then you can't see me if I happen to be naughty.


dipali said...

Smart boy, Bhablet!!!!

Padma said...

Hehe, better watch out for that kid! Makes perfect sense in his arguments too, apparently :)

Pepper said...

Lol! Very Logical!

Btw, I love these snippets you post in Bong - I try and pick up a few words every time :D

uttara said...

How thoughtful of him...:)

Banno said...

That's smart AND considerate. :)

Sue said...

Dipali, Uttara -- Indeed!

Padma, Banno -- My mother, to whom this was addressed, didn't know whether to laugh or be indignant.

Pepper -- That's a bit tricky. Sometimes my translation is not exactly literal and sometimes I write as the boy speaks. You better get your Bengali checked by a Bengali-speaker.