Thursday, September 02, 2010


Yes, yes, so I'm on a bit of an Abhay Deol trip at the mo. Blame it on Aisha last week with Shuki.

On Saturday we're off to Shillong for a week, us three plus the parents plus the brother plus my Pishithamma, a great aunt. It promises to be quite the trip and I'll be surprised if any of us are on talking terms by the time we reach Dum Dum. On the way out of Cal, I mean. Sen is running away to Bombay so I won't be meeting him, bah. Anyway, so that's the road part.

The movie part comes here. My friend Dhruv Mookerji has directed a one-minute movie that has been featured in the International One-Minute Film Festival, no less. Tin (Tanaji), of Tin Can fame, is in it, as is Sumeet Thakur of Madly Bengalee. If you let the movie play, then the voting button appears. If you like the movie, please vote for them. On behalf of Dhruv and the gang, I thank you.

See you lot after the 12th. Till then, I suggest you all cross your fingers and hope we survive this holiday. You may uncross your fingers briefly to vote for Gone.


Poornima said...

Hi Sue,
Have an awesome trip. Will surely check out the movie. Just a coincedence, we both have the same blogger template! (


Anonymous said...

Have an awesome trip Sue...Enjoy!!! Happy eating @ Shillong :)


aRghya said...

Have a great time sue..its a good time to be there. I love the lights on the hills at night. Thats an awesom view of shillong nights :)
Will surely vote for the video mam!

Padma said...

Enjoy your trip!

Filminute said...

Thanks for the Filminute mention. We want as many people as possible to see and rate Dhruv's film "Gone". We invite you to share it broadly :-)

Thank you.

The Filminute Team

Sue said...

Poornima -- Hello. :)

Pallavi, Arghya, Padma -- Thanks, guys, it was a beautiful holiday. Will be posting pics and stories soon.