Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On Principle

At ten o' clock this morning I threw a hissy fit because Vicky's new insurance policy listed his nominee as 'Sunayana Roy Niyogy'.

My hissy fit was not because I object to being called Sunayana Niyogy, because I don't. Lots of people address me as Mrs. Niyogy or even Mrs. Soubhik Niyogy and I quite enjoy it. But since I have chosen to retain my maiden name only (I don't like the rhythm of 'Roy Niyogy') I make it a point to call myself only Sunayana Roy on all official documents. Especially in insurance matters, where I've had a claim dismissed on a lie (their lie, not mine), where I recognise the importance of what might seem like a minor aberration.

So I was mighty pissed at the officiousness of the agent who had added the Niyogy to my name despite us giving him a piece of paper with our names written down the way we wanted them. And because Vicky was stupid enough to tell me it wasn't such a big deal, I took it all out on him. This from a man who has objected to being addressed as Mr. Roy, mind you.

So anyway, there was my hissy fit and I went to work simmering. Calmed down over the course of the day -- the agent has promised to rectify the name -- and I came home.

At ten o' clock this evening I was trying to teach Pintsize some alphabets. So R for 'Ra-gul', P for Phuli, L for Lattu, G for Giga... N for Niyogy. I mentioned that he was a Niyogy, as was his father and grandmother. And he consolingly hugged me and said I was one too. And I peacefully agreed and mentally laughed over my hissy fit twelve hours earlier.


GettingThereNow said...

Sigh! Who knew life could be so complicated?!

That Ra-gul is a sweet boy. Tell him I said so! Huge hugs to him. Aise hi!

dipali said...

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings!

B o o said...


Antu calls my nephew Rogan and it reminded me of Ragul! :)

batulm said...

I don't even want to get started on this saga of names. It's crazy that the law should allow one to keep one's maiden name, but every damn government official, or any other official should deem it their duty to teach you the right way to call yourself. :(

But your boy knows his way around that. :)

Sue said...

Cee -- Done. Brought out The Hungry Caterpillar the other day and read your inscrption -- it made me grin.

Monisha -- If you are not aware of this already, these comments you are leaving everywhere are called spam. Please don't leave any more here unless you want me to delete them.

Dipali -- He's a duckling, he is. :)

Boo -- LOL He may try to be a Bong through and through but the Southie in me is bound to surface.

Batul -- Oh, I was so angry in the morning I nearly posted a furious rant. When I applied for my voter ID they actually wouldn't accept my application because I refused to sign "Niyogy". Eventually one official spoke up (after I'd been shunted from table to table for a good 20 minutes for my refusal) and said that "these days" the Government accepted maiden names as well. They eventually accepted my application but I never did get my card.

Subhashree said...

Ha ha haa... Last couple of sentences are hilarious. Bhablet, way to go.

GettingThereNow said...

What WAS the inscription? I have forgotten :)

SIGH Sue!! I hope I get to meet Ra-gul at least once before he tunrs into a handsome young man. I want to see the small, cuddly Ra-gul!

Sue said...

Subha -- :)

Cee -- "To our sweet Sharabh", I think. Will check.

GettingThereNow said...

Okay :) Thanks. No need to check.I was just curious. Usually I remember these things, you know.

Sue said...

Cee -- You said:
The Lovely Bhablet,
Our Sharabh

One of the most loving inscriptions I've ever read. :)