Sunday, July 11, 2010


IHM has this tag she's started -- My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes. It's funny and like all good tags, you're left thinking deeply about what you posted. Starry tagged me a while ago and I almost made up my list with the usual suspects -- drinking, smoking (pot) etc -- but then I thought, those are just the superficial symbols. Where do they come from?

They come from a girl who sees more and more of her father in herself every new day.

1. I come home from work wanting to have a hot drink (or cold, depending on the weather) and I almost expect V to serve me something along those lines when I walk into the door. And I expect this because I've just had a long day in office and think I deserve some fussing over, no matter the state of the person who's been running the house all day and working full-time too! If that's not MCP, I don't know what is.

2. I also like to be served meals and while I do enjoy cooking, I tend to consider it a favour I'm doing the family!

3. I didn't want to get married until I could afford my own car. As things worked out, I bought Ally off my dad a scant two months before the wedding.

4. I consider my finances my own business and do not appreciate any nosiness into the state of my bank account from spouses. (V is thankful for this aspect of me, I think.)

5. I can make quick decisions and in fact often get exasperated when people can't decide. These decisions can be for anything ranging from clothes or groceries I'm buying to flats I wish to rent, judgment calls at work, schools for Rahul etc. And I can be quite unsentimental and 'cold' when I make my calls.

6. I think women, especially our mothers, ought to be treated like porcelain dolls not because they are particularly delicate but because they work or have worked just so damn hard. So I think women should have doors opened for them, flowers bought for them, their opinions respectfully treated even when disregarded.

7. I order at restaurants, decide on car routes and plan holidays.

8. I don't think anybody has the right to tell me what to do, not even my parents and certainly not my husband. An elder or a well-wisher may of course guide me, and I don't usually have a problem with unsolicited advice but all my life I have believed I am perfectly capable of handling my own matters -- just like all the MCPs I know!

9. I suspect that I think of myself as the centre of my universe with the rest of my world existing to serve me in their little ways. In this I'm more patriarch than matriarch.

10. I don't accept that there is any place I ought not go or any time I ought not be out or any people I ought not know. Restrictions along these lines were placed on me more than on my brother. He shrugged all such off and I, wanting everything he had, did the same.

Now I need to do a companion piece on how I am excessively feminine as, indeed, I mostly am!

The tag's nearly over, so I'm not passing it on to anybody in particular. If you'd like to pick it up, please do your post before Tuesday night, IST.


Aneela Z said...

I love this Sue. Now I wish I had been as gracious about taking up the tag from Dipali (rather than the passive aggressive apology I posted)

Sue said...

Aneela -- You could do it again, if it bothers you that much. But I wouldn't. You had a point of view and stated it.

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL an MCP can never be a SAGS!!!

I see more and more of my dad in myself every new day too!

3, 4, 5, 7 make you a certified SAGS!!!

8 & 10 make us Sin-Sisters too :)

Your take on the tag made me think...

Rohini said...

A behenji MCP??! Now I have seen everything! :D

Sue said...

IHM -- I would much rather see my dad's positives in me than the irritating characteristics but there's genetics for you.

Ro -- LMAO Now you please leave Phoebe's body.

starry eyed said...

So Agree with 1,2,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. And I need to do that companion piece too! Yin and yang!

sumana001 said...

Omg, here's one Sue Roy who's like you, Sue Roy! I so want to read the companion piece now. Please please taarataari :)

Uttara said...

Lovely! I just realised I am an MCP too, after reading this.

Rohini said...

That wasn't Phoebe actually. It was the old woman whose spirit had taken residence in Phoebe's body. Just saying :p

Oh you mean to say I am the old lady????! How mean :p

Rimi said...

Sunny, it's almost check, check, check, check down your list for me. And quite frankly, as I have doubtless said before, unless I land someone like Vicky I see only quickies or glorious singlehood in my future, because my partner has spoiled me utterly me drinks as I walk through the door, leaving all my finances alone but jumping in to help at the first imperious call for assistance, and deliciously cooked meals he regularly supplies. All he asks is that I give him my company in the kitchen while he cooks, which I'm glad to do.

If I end up a crochety ole spinster (STEREOTYPE ALERT!!!) I shall come over to your place and drink tea all day, while eyeing you and V evilly. All right?

P.S: my stereotyping is calling cowardly eve-teasers cunts. I don't mean to imply that anyone with a vagina is an evil little scaredy cat, but since most of this men are rampant misogynists, I know nothing will hit harder than calling them that. I employ stereotypes to my advantage, and there shall be no stopping on that frontier, no sir!

S said...

Good one. Think I'll do this :-)

Sue said...

Starry -- You must.

Sumana -- LOL Really?

Uttara -- Now that I find hard to credit!

Ro -- Tubelight. :P

Rimi -- I call people cunts too. Not fair to poor, inoffensive vaginas but I can't seem to be able to break the habit.

You know you're always welcome to come over and have a cuppa. Evil stares or not.

S -- Do! And leave IHM a link.