Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Sporting News

Reading the hysterical reports of Dhoni's wedding reminded me of Ma's accounts of Rajesh Khanna's wedding. Girls going nuts, refusing food, feeling suicidal, the works. I have a minor soft spot for the man because he reminds me of an ex in a sexy sort of way but come on. He's not all that cute.

Paul the Octopus has picked Spain for the match tonight but Paul the Octopus was wrong once, in the last cup. I read a lovely account in the papers this morning of him having been accused of 'treachery' for not picking England despite being born in Weymouth. I daresay NRIs across the world will understand the feeling.

I'm sure you are all delighted with Nehwal's triumphs as am I but no harm mentioning it once more. You go, kid. I've been supporting her (moral support, is all) ever since she first started appearing in wee columns buried somewhere at the end of the sports pages. But gosh, she makes me feel good because I do love a good game of badminton.

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OfficeTips said...

Loved the jab on the NRIs :)

Sue said...

OT -- It was more of an observation and less of a jab, you know.