Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Life after Retirement

Baba retired on June 30, 2010. Ma and I have long dreaded the date and this morning, a bare week after the deed, our fears have been realised.

I was dozing in bed when Vicky came into the room and said, "Your dad's retired."

I: "Huh?"

Vicky: "You can tell. He sent us a mail this morning with a statistical analysis of the boy's height and growth pattern."

I: "And what did he deduce?"

Vicky: "That he's growing at the rate of 1" every 100 days."

And this, gentle readers, will be the pattern for the rest of my miserable life until Baba Roy finds gainful employment again. Looking on the brighter side, the rest of my miserable life should not be very long.


R's Mom said...

hahahahaah! Reminds me of my dad's so called retirement where he manages to drive mom and all of us crazy!!!!

dipali said...

That's an interesting finding- check Bheblu's height today and again after 100 days! Here's wishing your Dad fast and fruitful re-employment, for the sake of several people's sanity:)

Minka said...

Smiling as I read this as I met the same fate years ago when my dad retired and mailbox was flooded with articles/links to ominous financial news and stock prices . Now he's gainfully employed in scouring the internet for kiddie sites and the next big kiddie assignment involving paint,glue,glitter or all of them.

Badri said...

The best way to keep baba roy busy is put before him a challenge to solve a book containing all the unsolved problems of mathematics. Considering his interest in stats (and maths?), he might take it up...

Thinking Cramps said...

Hahah...my father retires this September, and we're all wondering how he will react.

Sue said...

R's Mom -- I'm sure Baba will take up work of some kind soon enough, he's not the kind to sit quietly at home. *crosses fingers*

Dipali -- My point is, who cares?? I only care when the boy outgrows my lap and then I don't want to know the rate at which he's done that!

Minka -- I want him to write, once he's settled down wherever he wants to live. Let's see how it goes.

Badri -- That is his idea of relaxation.

Ana -- Be afraid. Be very afraid.

kbpm said...

oh but thats so cute yaar! enjoy it!