Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kol Kol Kol

This post is contributed by Mukut, via Sen, for the Tulika Blogathon 4: Rhymes, Chants and Playground Songs.

This rhyme, like Mukut, is from Assam, and you can tell, from its interest in elephants!

Kol, kol, kol
Kol ebid phol
Kol khale gaath hoye
Hatir shoman bol

Topa mura paluane thali ahar khaey
Dotal hatir shurot dhori nogor ghuraey

Kuhi paat kumoliya gochor agot
Kuhi paat kumoliya amar hatot


Banana, banana, banana
The banana is a fruit
Eating bananas gives me strength
Makes me strong like an elephant

The bald strongman eats from a plate piled high
On the trunk of a tusker around town I fly

New leaves lie before the tree
New studies lie before me

The translation is a loose one, in an attempt to keep the merry rhythm of the original. The sense I hope is transmitted even where the exact words aren't.


Tulika Publishers said...

A rhyme about elephants and bananas. What could be lovelier? AND in a language we wanted more rhymes from. Awesome stuff:) Thanks!

Sue said...

Tulika -- My pleasure. :)

GettingThereNow said...

Nice! I wish I knew the language to really understand the meaning. Somehow, to me, translations lose the essence sometimes (don't mean to say you don't translate well - I just want to be able to read a different language and understand it)

Sue said...

Cee -- It's quite similar to Bengali, actually, but the words used aren't ones I was familiar with so I needed to have it translated for me. Will mail you an explanation.

BTW the translation is a loose one, in an attempt to keep a rhythm. Mostly it's true to the original but a few lines are closer to the meaning than the words.

Uttara said...

lovely rhyme

Suku said...

wow you made me so nostalgic...i grew up on this.
thank you!
btw, your translation is spot on!

Sue said...

Uttara -- Isn't it! I wish I could hear it though.

Suku -- Thanks. Am dead nervous of being caught out on translation errors given that I don't really know what I'm translating! Why don't you put up a little video of how it's to be sung? Please?

Unmana said...

Ooh, nice! Thank you! I'd never heard it before.

But then I should probably turn in my Assamese card anyway.

Aneela Z said...


Anonymous said...

Love the rhymes. Fun, clean and realistic.

I don't like rhymes where tails of blind mice are cut or girls cry after being kissed by boys or an old man is thrown down the stairs!

Sue said...

Unmana -- LOL You know other rhymes, I'm sure. I don't know very many Bengali ones.

Aneela -- Yay!

IHM -- I don't know about realistic, but fun for sure!