Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Red Marker Blogathon

From 1 to 30 June 2010, I'm holding the Red Marker Blogathon, a spinoff from this post.

If some word/phrase/idiom/spelling/syntax/punctuation incorrectly used drives you up the wall, blog about it.

Tired of seeing 'loose' for 'lose' or 'an big elephant'? Blog about it.

The only rule is that you must explain what is wrong with the usage that it bothers you so and you must also explain the proper usage.

You can blog about any language you like, there is no need to restrain yourselves to English.

The badge is negotiable. Vicky made it and I think it's cute but you don't have to use it.

Please leave me your link as a comment at this post when you're done. Feel free to send me links of other participants you've noticed.

Pass the word, tag people you know who have opinions on this.

Kiran, Itchy, Hip Grandma, Mama Mia, Cee Kay, Shub, come on, set the ball rolling.


Mona said...

of course, now i can't think of a single thing that gets my goat, lol.

shub said...

w00t. I like. Lynne Truss will be proud. So proud.

Itchingtowrite said...

ditto Mona ... same problem
here's one
I cannot able to remember my pet peeves now.
or did i just do that?

Sue said...

Monsie -- You got a month, you're bound to come up with lots.

Shub -- You think? That's a nice thought. :)

Itchy -- You clown, you. Get to work and don't forget to leave me a link.

Gauri said...

Dunno if this qualifies, Sue - but here's the link ...


And Sue, CYE !!! :)))

Uttara said...

Oooh. An old post of mine from Jan: http://www.likhati.com/2010/01/22/how-tensed-are-you-today/

Sue said...

Gauriiiii, Uttara -- Thanks, you guys. Will update the post with your links.

Sue said...

Gauri -- Curb Your Enthusiasm? Ugh. I had to go Google that one.

Mona said...

ooh, just remembered one from school:

you know you're walking with a friend and she needs to fix her hair but she's carrying her books and needs help and says to you,
'here, can you catch my stuff?'

argh. i'd always wanted to respond with, well, i could try if threw it.

it's can you HOLD my stuff!

Sue said...

Mon -- That's become so ubiquitous, it actually took me a second reading to figure out why that sentence sounded off! Thanks, babe. Blog it, why doncha?

Mona said...

i might blog it after all. too many coming to me :D

i also hate it when people mix up finding and looking for.

'i'm finding my glasses, but they're not anywhere'.


Sue said...

*hands Mona a big, fat red marker*

Gauri said...

Good Heavens, Sue !!!!!!!!!

CYE is SO not "Curb Your Enthusiasm" !!!

See, even Google does not know Textese !! :)))

And why in God's name would I ask you to Curb Your Enthusiasm on this one ???

Put on your thinking cap, Sue.

In fact, you already CYE !!!

Capsice ???

Parul said...

Letters, not 'alphabets'. Please, please, please.

*falls to the floor, whimpering piteously*

GettingThereNow said...

This should be fun! *rubs hands most excitedly* But like Mons, my mind is on a fritz now - can't remember ANNYTHINGG!! LOL @ Itchy and Parul.

Let me cook up a tail.... or a tale, if you please. Then I will leave you a link.

GettingThereNow said...

Gauri - CYE = Cover your ears?? Most curious now!

eve's lungs said...

I have to go look at Big D's notes now

Sue said...

Gauri -- No? Then tell me what it is already! I have no clue.

Parul, Cee, Evie -- Blog your little hearts out, I say. I know you have plenty to say. :)

Anonymous said...

The interchanging of i & e - recieve, percieve, freind, etc. - you get the picture.

How can people NOT know the difference???


B o o said...

LOL at Mona! Good initiative, Sue! Im looking forward to read the posts. This should be fun! :D

And CYE is Check Your Email. Right, G?

dipali said...

So many pet peeves! I'll get back to you with a post, sometime this month:)

Sue said...

Pallavi -- Very few schools teach the "I before E, except after C" rule any more. Why don't you write about it? I'm happy to host guest posts for the Blogathon.

Boo -- Mein Gott. It's got the be the thayyir sadam. Check your email. Doh.

Dipali -- Post away. Combine many in one, whatever suits your fancy.

Just Like That said...

oh wow! CYE is email??? didn't know that.

Sue does this qualify?? I HATE sms ese. It gets my goat when a colleague messages me- cnt go 4 d mtg. Cn u?
Its not total gibberish, the message gets across but it still gets my goat. And I KNOW this guy has spell check on his phone. Its so much easier, for heaven's sake!

spelling mistakes too--- received/recieve....

:-D I'll be back!

Sue said...

*solemnly hands JLT a Red Marker*

Go on, blog it.

Mona said...

i also HATE it when people spell definitely as definately and separately as seperately.

or when they say reverse back a bit, or rewind it back or something.

and like parul said, aphabets!!!

itchingtowrite said...

Ok sue
I will revert "back" to you!!

Sue said...

Mon -- Rant away, babe.

Itchy -- *throws an open red marker at Itchy* I hope you're wearing your favourite dress right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time reader of your blog. I think this is a great initiative :)

My entry is at http://myfloatingthoughts.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/its-never-too-late-to-learn/

Sue said...

Floating Thoughts -- Thanks!

starry eyed said...

You'll loose your mind when you read this one!

shilpa said...

Here is mine - http://shilpadesh.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/day-1-your-getting-on-my-nerves/

GettingThereNow said...

Here: http://my2centstoo.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-of-storm.html

Had great fun doing it!

PNA said...

See whether this counts

PNA said...

Let's start with say

When the parents say we want a homely girl for a bride.. :) can't help but smile :):)

When they form plurals:
Mother-in-laws! Sister-in-laws!!

When ppl pronouce Rendezvous like the word is written!! Ren-dez-vuz!! ahha I so feel like... Simi Garewal did teach some to pronounce with her show!!

She don't know and he don't know... !! How come they don't get it!!

And Alphabet... hello it is letters not alphabet!! like Parul pointed out

Had fun Sue, will have more... :)

Gyanban said...

say these is the good.

soemtimes people just dont runa spell chek to write there posts...as if thats not enough theyve gremmatical mistakes as well.Here are one example

you are coming - a statement spoken in a questionical tone.

G said...

I left a comment here this morning, but can't see it now. So re-commenting.

Here is my link:



And nice initiative. You just distracted the blogosphere junta away from their daily rants to something funny. Loved reading the entries so far. :):)

Shivani said...

What a noble cause! And the response in just 3 days is heartening. Well done :)
I have so many peeves that I've lost count of them. But some which never fail in making me tear my hair out :
-- That was "so" fun
-- Using "whether" for "weather" and vice versa
-- I'm looking forward to meet you/see you (aaargh!)
-- Using marriage for wedding. Example: Hey, it's XYZ's marriage on Saturday. Are you coming?

And of course, the mother of them all - "anyways" and "by the ways"

I don't know if you've already seen these, but Oatmeal sums it up pretty brilliantly http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling and http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe.
And this is one post on "lose" v/s "loose" that I found hilarious :http://wokay.in/2008/10/03/double-o-offsets/

Sue said...

Starry -- From the comments I see there's no danger of you getting too serious too soon. :P

Shilpa -- Thanks :)

Cee -- I can see you had fun! Lovely post, thanks.

PNA -- Of course it counts!

'Homely bride wanted' always makes me whoop with laughter. Rendezvous reminds me, maybe I ought to write about pronunciation. (Not that I don't have my own bloopers in that field...) So many thoughts, so little time!

Gyanban -- :) That comment must have required some concentrated typing.

G -- Actually, I think it's Itchy and Cee who need to be thanked. The blogathon was their idea, not mine. I only waited till June because it's the month of Geminis and all the Geminis I know or have known love playing with language. A wee bit of sentimentalism.

Shivani -- LOL I ought to thank you all for the response, it's all your writing, not mine! Thanks for the links, they are quite helpful. Why don't you do a post on your pet peeves?

R's Mom said...

Here is my two bit..I dont know whether this qualifies..but after reading your blogathon..this was one incident that came to my mind first thing...

Momo's Ma said...

hi, new here. an interesting blogathon you have started. thanks for understanding the gemini urge to play with words.. u a Gem too??? here is my post: http://momotales.blogspot.com/2010/06/confusion-hi-confusion-hai-solution.html .. see if it fits in.

Sue said...

R's Mom -- Of course it does. Thanks!

Momo's Ma -- Nope, but I do seem to have a lot of Geminis in my life. :) Thanks for your contribution.

Just Like That said...

ok, I finally took up the red marker. :-)http://jottingsmine.blogspot.com/2010/06/english-o-english.html

Padma said...

Sue, great initiative :). I see some really nice posts...and they inspired me to write one of my own. Here it is:

Oh, and it is about misuse of slang. Thought I'd add a little twist.

Richa said...

Am I only one who took the Hindi peeves or did I miss someone?

Here is my entry. (Click on the link)

Timepass said...

Pls have a look at my entry...

Anonymous said...

Allrighty! Mine is up!


Zephyr said...

I came here from Chinkurli's blog. I have written on Indish too. I'm giving you the link to the post and hope you can include it! :)


Sue said...

JLT, Padma, Richa, TP, Amrita, Zephyr -- Thanks, people. Happy to have you join the blogathon.

Maneesha said...

The one thing that annoys me, and people continue to use...... he has given his resign!!!! in English as well as Hindi!!!

stymied said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

Maneesha -- Really? I haven't heard it yet, thankfully!

Stymied -- Hey, why did you remove your comment?

roop said...

tagged ya. hope it's okies!

Roy said...

this prozect is too much late. it should have been preponed to the sixties, just after we disposed off the englishers...

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