Thursday, June 17, 2010

Red Marker Blogathon Update 6

Warning: Am compiling in a hurry, I am pretty sure I am missing one link at least and 1 FB status message out here. I'll add them but if you find your link missing please leave it in the comment section for this post. Sorry for the trouble.

In the meantime, go check out the 'lusher' grass on Evie's blog.

Chinkurli 'returns back' with the Red Marker.

Amrita over at Indiequill goes red
, 'irregardless' of how much of a snob this makes her.

JLT gives you a hilarious poem that strikes a wry chord with anybody who has had to learn English as an adult (I can't empathise but I do sympathise.)

A friend from my schooldays and equally responsible for the N Commandments, Padma, talks money for RMB.

Richa explains the postpositions used in Hindi. Richa, I can't comment at your blog for some reason, so I'll tell you why I consistently mix the 'ka' and 'ki' -- I hardly ever know the gender of the noun that follows! I mean, I don't know what the gender of a kamra or topi or whatever is. I suppose this is one thing you only pick up with practice.

Timepass posts some amusing incidents centred around the usage of Indian English.

And saving the best for the last, one of my favourite bloggy babies (he's an ex baby really, but I knew him since he was one and that's all that matters) Ayaan has been marked red. Because, you know, his Mama said so.

That's it from me for now. And some time later, if you are all good little children, I shall post the Arijit Sen jokes.

P. S.
Don't forget to re-send me your link(s) if you don't see it/them here. I haven't yet seen a post to which I wouldn't link.


Rohini said...

Aww at saving the best for last. Hugs :)

Sue said...

Ro -- Hugs back. :)

Richa said...

Mine :(

Thinking Cramps said...

Hey Sue, have been reading most of the posts. This was such a good idea. Been wanting to post mine, just not getting around to it. Till then, here's a minor correction to what you wrote - it's not 'centred around' but 'centred on' (since the centre can only be one specific spot, you cannot have it hanging 'around', but firmly fixed 'on' the subject).

Sue said...

Richa -- Why the sad face? Will check them out, thanks.

Ana -- Really? But can't something be centred around a centre? Would I have to say grouped, then? How do I describe a collection of somethings which are loosely connected by their central theme?

Sue said...

Richa -- Oh, because I missed your second post? Sorry. I only found one link when I went through the comments. Next update, promise.