Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red Marker Blogathon Update 10

Our last lot of contributions, I think.

Itchy bids good bye to RMB (but not to her red marker) with a post on pet peeves in Hindi.

Sandhya is 'most happiest' speaking of double superlatives and hetches.

Unmana gives real life examples of how wrong usage of words can lead to some serious confusion.

Do check them out.


GettingThereNow said...

Does this qualify for your RMB?


I got the idea when I read Itchy's latest RMB post.

Not a big deal, if it doesn't. If you think it does, let me know and I will link it here.

shub said...

My post is coming up in a bit! I'm the last one :-/

shub said...

Here it is :
it is really long. Ahem.

The Footloose Doll said...

No no no, I finally came up with a real post :P so please include that.


And like Shub's, it is also long.