Sunday, June 27, 2010

Indi Bindi

My mother wasn't one for stories or songs when I was young (I suspect it had something to do with me being the secondborn and a girlchild on top of that -- I'm willing to wager good money she sang to my brother before I came on the scene and probably even made up stories for him like she does for Rahul and...) where was I? Oh yes, so there was this one song she would sing for me and I loved it to bits. Rahul and I sing it a lot even though he, like his beloved Giga (my aunt) tends to feel rather sorry for Indi Bindi.

The song goes like this:

Indi bindi shindi
OoNki maarey
Gachher aaraal theke

Ek din naakey shurey
Gaayichhilo gaan
Tai shune Indi Bindi'r urey gelo pran!

Indi'r khidey pelo,

Gachh theke nemey elo
Khi-churi khabey boley kaaNdilo RE!

Ma takey du gha dilo

Khaowa taar guchhe geylo
Raag kore Indi Bindi shute geylo RE!

[The capital N in the middle of words indicates a nasal intonation and the "RE!" is meant to be yelled out loud.]

It roughly translates as follows:
Indi Bindi shindi
From behind the trees
On a Saturday

One day in a nasal twang
He sang loud and clear
Hearing that Indi Bindi
Nearly fainted from fear

Indi felt hungry
And climbed down from the tree
Went whining for khichudi RE!

Two smacks from his mother
Put end to the pother
In high dugeon Indi went off to bed RE!

I always suspected Indi looked rather like this chap from one of my favourite children's books.

(I could have found you an easier link to read about Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls but since this particular review was written by me, I thought I'd shill it a bit, why not.)

This is my contribution to the Tulika Blogathon 4: Rhymes, Chants and Playground Songs.

Do join in if you have childhood rhymes to share. The more languages the merrier.


Manasa said...

Good one.. made me smile :)

Even my mom use to sing to put me to sleep. Gone are those dayz.

Yellow said...

Indi Bindi Shindi was a hot favourite with my mom - and therefore assiduously sung to the plethora of nieces and nephews I have - only I used to feel Indi Bindi & Shindi were 3 diff kids! :D

dipali said...

Such fun!

The Owl said...

My mother didn't sing or tell me stories either. You couldn't expect them to in any case,with all the housework that was required. She was too loaded and left it sensibly to thamma-dadubhai. I feel storytelling, singing and generally entertaining and pampering are for grandparents anyways, not parents, who are primarily supposed to be disciplinary influences during infancy. ( it's different nowadays I know, but I find that a bit sad, I wonder how parents play all roles).
strongest memories
Ek je chhilo maachi( Thamma used to sing this, and you know how lovely her singing voice is , right)
Moynaar ma Moynaa moti.
Laal Jhunti Kakatua
It's not a child's rhyme, but the song bringing back Dadubhai's memory to me the strongest is Aaguner Paroshmoni. (also happens to be my favourite Rabindrasangeet, there is something uplifting about it). Coincidentally, when I sat down to do his kaaj, they were singing this song downstairs. nearly lost control then. and oh yes, he practically made me read ALL of Rabindranath's poetry. Starting from Shishu, to Katha o Kahini to shanchayita.
At the end of the day somehow, I became really way closer to my parents than my grandparents(or anyone else for that matter) as an adult. So that just goes to show:-)).

Sreetama said...

ei gaan ta tey ami class one ey nechechhilam!!! I LOVE THIS SONG. It's abt three little kitties...amar ekhono monay achhey pur gaan ta!

Sue said...

Manasa -- Now my mum sings her grandson to sleep. :)

Yellow -- I have always thought of him as a grubby, naughty little boy!

Dipali -- Indeed. You should see Rahul peep a la Indi Bindi.

Tua -- But I had no grandmothers in residence or even nearby so I do insist on feeling quite neglected.

I feel sorry for M&M, you know. For all the pampering they get now, I believe we got the best years.

I remember you and Mamadadu reciting poems at the dining table when we were kids.

Sreetama -- I love the idea of you prancing around to this rhyme. :) I like the idea of it being about naughty kittens.

Tina said...

I was looking for the lyrics thanks for posting:) I sing it for my little one!!

maria said...

I googled the lyrics and here is your blog! I don't know from where i pick this song up but definitely not from my ma.maybe from school. I now sing it to my baby girl

Maulin said...

My mother sings it to a stuffed cow who says "Oondi bui" (I made my soft toys into little characters and one of them is a cow who likes to speak utter nonsense and moo loudly.)

Sayan Dutta said...

Can you tell me about the origin of this Rhyme ?