Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Arijit Sen Jokes

Which Jane Austen does Arijit Sen like the most? Sen-se and Sensibility!

What did people say about Arijit Sen's award-winning documentary? That it was Sen-sational!

Why did the aliens kidnap Arijit Sen? Because he was a perfect sample of a Sen-tient being.

Why did Arijit Sen cry while watching ‘Mohabbatein’? Because he is Sen-timental!

What do people in Delhi call Arijit Sen? Ari Puttar.


Other people have generously contributed:

Srin: Where would Arijit Sen like to go on his next holiday? Sen-tosa Island.

Dipali & Sandeep: You do know that the world is divided into two groups of people. The Sens and the non Sens.

M had a query: What does the sen-sei think of all the creativity he has triggered off ?
To which Sen replied: i had sensed (sic) this was coming

wanted to know: Is Arjit sensuous?
To which I said: I believe your common Sen-se can answer that one.

M then got into the act with: Knock knock who's there ? Sen-or Sen
(Senor Sen, geddit?)

In the meantime the Bagchi said: Isn't Arijit sen-soring these?

R added: What wud u call a hyped up lecture conducted by the famous Sen? Sen- session.

A profitable week's work, I think. If you think Sen needs some weak tea and sympathy, you can offer him some here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue. I liked your idea of RMB and did a post on it. My link is Btw, funny jokes here :D

Rohini said...


Shrabonti said...

Rubbish, he doesn't need any sympathy. As you rightly said, he is rather michke and deserves to be known as such.

Gyanban said...

Q - why does Arijit Sen fight with the airhostess ?

A - He wanted a senile and she kept giving him an aisle.

dipali said...

Methinks Sen deserves some senpathy for all of this.
My wee post for RMB is here:

Anonymous said...

LOL :)

The RMB idea is very interesting.

Mystic Margarita said...

Q - Which newspaper does Arijit Sen work for?
A - The Sen-tinel

Q- Who stole Arijit Sen's heart?
A- A sen-sational sen-orita!

Q- Who is Arijit Sen's favorite playwright?
A - Sen-eca.

Q- What is Arijit Sen's aim in life?
A- To be a sen-ator!

Lol! Just some off the top of my head! Will try and do a post of RMB soon, hopefully.

Minka said...

Nothing on sensex - why oh why ?

SUR NOTES said...

my word verification is fartic!

thats gas ar'sen'al in the artic, i think.

is mr. sen amused with the world taking his trip? or is he on a mis'sen'(mission, gettit?) to stop this non'sen'se.

but the word verification is really FARTIC. i did not make it up.

Sue said...

Ajay -- Ah, that's why I missed your link. I did not check this post!

Ro -- :D

Shrabonti -- Thank you!

Gyanban -- What is a senile when it's a noun?

Dipali -- Senpathy. ROTFL

Mystic -- You're a dude. You. Are. A. Dude.

Minka -- Cousin T explored that aspect thoroughly with a friend of hers so we felt it was already done.

Sur -- Ugh! Trust you to fit a Sen joke into that. M Sen is re-Sen-ed to his fate.

BTW, welcome back!