Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been rather ill. Ana came to visit on a Friday and right from the morning after that party I was ill all the way to now, almost. That's two weeks. I'm much better now, off the antibiotics and down to one persistent cough, but I'm still tiring very easy and getting annoyed at the lethargy.

So, anyway, I have heaps of unanswered mail. Just wanted to let you know, I'll get around to it.

Rahul is shooting up these days and looking thinner than ever. Here is a recent photograph of him, on his way to "shool". No, it's not a uniform but it looked like one.

He's off travelling next week. A week in Delhi, after which Cousin J will drop him off at Madras. We join him there a week later, Vicky to stay on and me to return after the weekend. All things considered, he will be away from home for the better part of a month. Vicky noted that fact over lunch but didn't seem very enthused at the idea of another child to fill the, er, vacuum. For some reason, he's convinced he'll end up working more if there's another child. Well, I'm convinced of it too but I think it's time I was allowed to have a child who does not feel the need to inform his sire every so often that "Ami Babu ke bhalobashte parchhi na" (I cannot find it in me to love Babu). Out with the old, I say, and in with the new.

By the way, I was going through old photographs of a Certain Bhablet the other day and OMG did the child look daft or did the child look daft. I cannot believe his grandparents gushed over his "intelligence" and "smartness" and stuff like that. Take it from the doting mum -- he looked like he had a permanent "duh!" written all over his forehead.

I know what you're thinking, I wouldn't be so mean if he had cuddled me this morning, and what do you know, you're perfectly right.

Talking of the boy, M'pishi came over from Delhi to "help me out" and "look after me" when I fell ill. She reached our place late on Monday night (I fell ill on the Saturday) and her monologue went something like this (from the stairs upwards):

Dadubhai, I've come to take you to Garfa, where are you... Phuli, I see you've lost your paunch, you must be careful not to lose too much weight... Dadubhai, where are you, come, let's go!"

There's concern and care right there. If you can't find it, don't ask me, because I missed it too. Ma called me everyday and asked after Rahul first. Only Pishithamma came to see me. I spent Mothers' Day running up 104 degrees on the thermometer so I order you to feel sorry for me.

Vicky is being suspiciously nice to me these days but he was pretty mean when I first fell ill so I'm taking it as my due.

Oh and I've cut off all my hair.

That's my news.


starry eyed said...

Awwww.hugs....take care...and congrats on the haircut! And Rahul looks adorable!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Big fat hugs just for you and you alone!! These Bhablets, EOs and YOs always get more than their fair share, I say!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Awwwww .... hope you feel better soon ! The boy looks soooooo adorable .... love that partitioned hair :)

dipali said...

Methinks that The Bhablet has clocked in more miles in his young life than many manage in decades. Looking forward to seeing you with the short crop. Stay well, and have those vitamins.
(And veggies, dare I add?)

Aathira said...

Hope you are feeling better!

I am planning on a hair chop too!

Mama - Mia said...

going by the tome of the post i think praising Rahul's photo should come last! :p

but i hope you totally ok soon! hugs!

and yes, Rahul looks all grown up!! :) and realllly tall! and as handsome as ever!

ok! i will say get well soon again for ya! ;)

and yyayy for the haircut! i still havent dared g radical with mine tho i have been talking about it for good 3 years now! bah!!



Sue said...

Starry -- LOL I don't know if the haircut is cause for congratulation. Mostly, people are horrified.

M4 -- Thanks. :) On that we agree!

CA -- He looks like such a good little boy, doesn't he? Looks are so deceptive.

Dipali -- You thinks right. Am most j. Veggies, well, that's what you're there for. :P

Aathira -- Really? Have any styles in mind?

Abha -- The pregnancy is a fantastic reason to cut it all off. It'll all grow back so fast, should you change your mind.