Monday, May 31, 2010

Sonless Days

...make me want to sing my anthem.

Rahul is in Delhi right now, delighted to be reunited with Jimmashi (aka Cousin J). She'll be dropping him off to Madras this weekend so that Ma and Baba can have their turn trying to undo whatever little discipline Vicky and I have managed to instil in him, I suppose.

Still'n'all, I miss my little boy something awful.


dipali said...

Poor Mommy Sue:(
But think of the joy you're spreading around the country!

Sue said...

Dipali -- True. Plus, there is something so delightful blissful about being able to wallow in self-pity without actually having to deal with the boy for two more weeks. :D

dipali said...

You big fraud, you!

Gayatri said...

- lol reading the blog + comment
- now that's where the truth lies ;b
- remember ur boy will read this blog AND the comments 10 yrs later hehehehehe

Sue said...

Dipali -- :D

Gayatri -- Yeah, I keep that thought in mind all the time. One day he'll read it, maybe.