Monday, May 24, 2010

Just As Sweet

Rahul: … so I told them, when my Ma comes, she’ll see to it.
Me: (slightly staggered at being called Ma and not Babu) And what is your Ma’s name?
Rahul: (after some thought) Shunanroy!
Me: And your Baba’s?
Rahul: Shoobhikniyogy!
Me: And yours?
Rahul: (after some intense cogitation) Bheblu. My name is Bheblu.
Me: And also Sharabh Niyogy, right?
Rahul: (jumping up and down) I forgot! I forgot! I forgot!

There's so much to learn and remember when you're only three and three quarters.


Rohini said...

Awww... Hug the Bheblu for me, Shunanroy

Spin said...

Baby toh ekhono!

MRC said...


Really sweet! BTW, I think we may have a friend in common, do you know someone who's recently moved to Bidar?

dipali said...

Such a doll!

debo said...

of COURSE his name is bheblu. stop confusing him:)))

ore size ki re? as in if i go to fabindia, they have marked ages, like 3-4 etc... but i want to get something that he won't immediately grow out of... so in cms would be fabulous. am cogitating an idea...

Sue said...

Ro -- Done.

Spin -- Chhotto kochi bachchha, to be precise.

MRC -- If you're referring to Sonali, yes, she's an old friend of mine. Knows me as Sunny.

Dipali -- He told me he's not a doll, he's Bheblu. :)

Debo -- LOL but his name really is Sharabh Niyogy too, you know. Did you know his jethu's name is Kingshuk Sharabh Niyogy?

His size is 24 or 3-4 year category. He's roughly 3'3" high now. Does that help?

dipali said...

His name may be Bheblu, but he is still a doll:)

Sue said...

Dipali -- An extremely fidgety doll who finally admitted that he loves me. Whaddya know.

dipali said...

Yayyy! Of course he does, admittedly or not:)

MRC said...

Yes, I am. Her husband has recently joined the same sqn as mine , and I think we seem to have a few other things in common too. Which is why I "friended" her on FB recently and was pleasantly surprised to see your name on her wall. Small world!

Sue said...

Dipali -- :)

MRC -- Wow, that's quite a coincidence. Next time you meet her son please give him my salaams.

Mama - Mia said...

awwwwww!! sweetness all the way!! :)

i realize Cub is growing up when people actually UNDERSTAND (sometimes) when he tells his own name! to be it still sounds gibberish! hehe!

Sue said...

Abha -- Aww, this I'd love to hear. To me he's still this wild-haired baby crawling around with that fantastic smile you guys share.