Saturday, May 08, 2010

I love you and I love him and when I see her, I feel this strange pull I don't know how to describe. I don't care to explain or rationalise it.

We all got what we wanted. Just not the way we thought we would.


MiM said...

a la facebook.

I like the untitled headline.

The Orange Cat said...

We sure got what we wanted. We just never knew how much it would cost us.

tua said...


E said...

Are you cheating on me??!

Beq said...

ole baba, soooooo saaaaad

GettingThereNow said...

LOL @ Tua and E :)

Sue said...

MiM -- I used to do more of those. Some posts don't seem to require headlines.

OC -- Well, mostly, it seems like good value for money to me.

Tua -- Certainly not. I'm not into incest at all.

E -- I wouldn't dare! :D

Beq -- Kasba ja.

Cee -- :)