Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graphic, But True

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This reminded me of Rahul. He breaks his toys every few minutes and goes to Baba the Wonderful to get them fixed. (Babu the Bored refuses to deal with this any more.) He earnestly believes his wonderful, omniscient father can fix every single thing, if only he'd consent to. Reminds me of me and my dad in a very cute way. For years I believed Baba could fix anything, the states of our toaster and sundry other appliances notwithstanding.

Calvin's mom's surprise is in the background could be me. Although my own mum does it better, the killing mixture of shock and disbelief.

This other strip is more me:

That's why I married the man, so he could take the blame. He's totally reneged on that agreement, though.

By the way, isn't Calvin's devastated face the cutest?


Gayatri said...

- yup u've got my vote on all of the above :)
- I still believe my Acha can fix anything....:)
- and that my Achu's Acha can't fix anything :b
- Calvin is adorable in all angles ...and having one of this type at home makes him more likeable :D

GettingThereNow said...

LOL! Love Calvin's mom's surprised q.

Second one - SO me, as well :D

MRC said...


I STILL feel that my dad can fix (almost) everything!

Mum's delight said...

My daughter's just the same. She thinks her daddy can fix anything and do anything. According to her, daddy is strong and mummy, well, diplomatic silence there.

Sue said...

Gayatri -- Actually, having one of those now makes me shudder when I read the strips. Once upon a time they used to make me laugh.

Cee -- :)

MRC -- Well, can he?

Mum's Delight -- I don't know about you but I foster that belief. Less work for me.

MRC said...


Anything related to matters wooden/electrical/electronic/mathematical/musical/artistic/linguistic, he can fix.The only trouble is that the bystanders have to leave him alone to do so, and yet be available with umpteem cups of tea as and when he thinks about them.

Sue said...

MRC -- That does sound like my dad too. I partly married Vicky because he rigged up a solution for my broken down cassette player. But he never fixes anything these days. Except for Rahul's toys!