Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Basanti to Lisbeth


My Travels in Assam (Part I)

In Delhi last winter Beq mentioned a vague plan of going to visit Sen this March. I instantly decided I needed to be a part of this trip. Inspired greatly by Sur, I decided to take the boy along. So, from the 13th to the 20th of March Rahul and I were in Assam.

We reached Guwahati exhausted after a sleepless night (I had Shuki and Dana over for a mad pedicure party while I packed – we even painted Vicky’s toenails green and blue). The Sen arrived with his cameraman and friend Mukut to give us a traditional welcome, Assamese style.

Sen stays in one wing of a lovely, old-fashioned bungalow: it has high, airy rooms, these awesome chairs that I wanted to kidnap (the bamboo backs tilt as you lean back, adjusting perfectly to your shape), and it’s all so pretty I wondered if I should just make like a squatter and move in.

Plus, the man can cook. He made us lunch and then we went to visit the Guwahati Zoo.

Where a giraffe saw us.

Rahul missed his afternoon nap so he was sleepy.

But he was excited and loved traipsing all over the place with ‘Kishandada’ (Mukut’s son).

It was a fun hour before we went to pick Beq and Priyo up from the railway station. (They also got their gamchha and japi.) That was the Saturday.

Sunday morning everybody slept in, worn out by all the travelling. Then we went across the river in a boat to the Doul Gobinda Mandir.

It’s a bit of a walk from the river but it’s a pleasant little Krishna temple where we were served prasad. Rahul measured his length out in the sand by the river so obviously I got covered in it too. *sigh*

Afterwards we had the most fabulous late lunch at Delicacy.

We had pork and duck and fish and pigeon and whatnot. All delish, with the most fab rice. That, in hindsight, was characteristic of this holiday. We ate well for the most part. Really well.

And with that we conclude Part I.

Parts II and III are also online now.


randomrandom said...

very nice post

Part II ( Girl Who Ran With The Rhino)..:) ?

Sue said...

Sen -- Thank you, thank you. I have, funnily enough, broken my travellogue into three parts. You may name each after reading. Name this one first. :)

randomrandom said...

Girl With the Japi

since japi and juice sounds weird

dipali said...

At last! Looking forward to parts two and three:)

Shriya said...

Hey...reminded me of my trips to the northeast when my dad was posted there..We have a pic in Guwahati zoo with the giraffes just over our heads too..The giraffes there seem to be a friendly lot then looking at ur pics too..
Haan..and those cotton gamchas are amazing to dry wet hair..dunno if it wouldbe laughed at though :)

starry eyed said...

Amazing! You sure know how to have a fun holiday.

LOL at the giraffe seeing true! Awaiting the next part

Sue said...

Sen -- How about "Men Who Hadn't Experienced Bhablets"?

Dipali -- Coming up, coming up. :)

Shriya -- You kidding? Nobody laughs at the Assamese gamchhas while I'm around. They are lovely. Send your pics, we'll compare notes.

Starry -- Actually, all the credit for this holiday go to the boys. Sen for the hosting, Beq for the enthusiasm and Priyo for the ideas. And yes, Rahul for just being himself!

Beq said...

more text more...very nice

Mama - Mia said...

oooh! what a perfect holiday!! do you see someone turning green here?! :p

and lovely pictures too! waiting for next two parts!


Rohini said...

Naaice! You look very cute in the hat (japi :)

And Bhabbles look adorable as always.

SUR NOTES said...

tried to name the post but since i got fixated with one small detail in your post this is all that i can offer: the girl who ate the delicious pork cooked in the north east, part 1.
sigh, i feel hungry for some odd reason.

Sue said...

Oliver 'Beq' Twist -- I posted more last night. The last instalment comes online at 11 tonight.

Abha -- You must go someday. I'm only sorry I couldn't travel even more. I think one needs about two weeks at least to travel as much as one should.

Ro -- Thanks. :) Bhabs got a japi too but refused to wear it. Also, in lieu of a gamchha, he got a wee sleeveless jacket. Sen was nothing if not thorough!

Sur -- Pork cooked with banana leaves. Amazing, simply amazing. Rahul gobbled that up, a little pigeon too, but the fish was too spicey for him.

Now I'm hungry.

prarthana said...

For last two days i have been reading your blogs since one of my friends said about ur blog. I feel I am very late to know about your blog. Really u r a prolific blogger. Being an Assamese I am happy to see our gamosa and japi in your blog.

Sorry to say, the gamosa is thrown over the shoulder showing its lengths and red woven motifs. (Like the style of the tall guy seen here)

Sue said...

Prarthana -- Blame my host for draping it wrong, then. :) Lovely thing, the gamosa. So useful.

Aneela Z said...

did you stay in reema kagti's house? as in is sen renting from her family?
--Nosy Aneela Parker

Sue said...

Aneela -- I have no idea, perhaps Sen will let you know! Why, is she a relative?

randomrandom said...

@Aneela/Sue: yes, it is Reema Kagti's house!!!

Aneela Z said...

@randomrandom/sue: Dcom Bhuyan (who is friends with my bro-in-law) was over for dinner and I was describing the lovely house you were staying in (as I really feel most of Ghy is being taken over by ugly flats), the husband and Dcom were convinced that you were staying in the Kagti house (and that he knew you).

Aneela Z said...

as in he knew the friend who had hosted you. I asked as Im pretty anal about knowing if Im being told the "truth".

randomrandom said...

@Aneela: small world! Dcom helped me get the house. his house is a 5 minute walk from my place. and we communicate on facebook!