Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bheblu Babu on Relationships

I came home from work yesterday to find Rahul and my mother cosily watching Monsters vs Aliens on the TV. Since the boy refused to talk to me I huffily told him I would just sit there cuddling my mother instead.

B: Na, eta amar Ma. (No, this is my mother.)
Me: Ami tomar Ma! (I'm your mother, you nitwit!)
B: Ami tomar Ma na. (I'm your mother, not.)
Me: No, you are not my mother!

At which point I took refuge in the bedroom. He seems to have mastered the fine art of confounding the Sue by speaking in irrelevancies. Beq probably trained him in Assam.


This morning he was trying to explain to himself (and me) that certain toys would be his when he grew up (which he would, in the very next breath). That led to a discussion that ended with
  • Bhabs growing up to become Babu (I love the elasticity of 3 year-old thought)
  • Me growing up to become Babu
  • Baba (Vicky) growing up to become Diddi (my mother!)

Baba declined comment on the matter.


B o o said...

LOL! This reminds me of how Ashu thought Hd and I grew up together when we were young and my parents were "our" parents! :D

Btw, lovely template.

eve's lungs said...

squeeze him tight - what a cartoon he is ! Growing up to be Babu indeed . And Vicky ... too much .

dipali said...

I laughed my head off! Thanks, Bhablet:)here's a huge squooze!

GettingThereNow said...


tua said...

ha, he obviously has his own take on evolution

Sue said...

Boo -- Thanks. Am experimenting a little with the new draft version of Blogger.

Evie -- Too much, them both.

Dipali, Cee -- :)

Tua -- Obviously. :)