Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

I got chocolates (a kind I absolutely adore, mind you) and buk-bhora bhalobasha (sweet lovin, yeah).

It's been my first gift in ten years!



hack said...

amay keu kichhu deyni :-(

How do we know said...

Hugo Boss Deep Red. :-)

SUR NOTES said...

many years ago i had got somnething very nice.... but i can barely recall what it was!

this old woman hobbles away bitterly spitting curses at the ground

dipali said...

Two Center Fresh sweets from the man, who came back up in the lift to give them to me, after he'd left to catch his early morning flight to Delhi!
Sur baby- sorry, you don't qualify as old woman!

Ron said...

I woke up late to realize the boy had been jogging and had come home covered in sweat...and spread out stinky sweaty shorts and t shirt on the dining table chairs to dry (don't ask I don't know!!). Therefore almost the whole house was smelling...well not smelling nice. Hrmph.

Mama - Mia said...

does dragging him to shopping and then buying stuff for both qualify as gifts?

then i got 3 tops and par of fexy linen pants from Cotton World! :D


ps: actually i am considering the CK Euphoria he got last month from duty free as my asli gift! :D

the mad momma said...

i got flowers and a shock!

Casuarina said...

Chocolates, a card, a fresh red rose (costing Rs 25 !!!!) and 3 T-shirts...not bad, huh ? ;-)

Gayatri said...

- Nuding
- Sighhhhhhh
- M just isn't made that way
- God has his reasons
- and I hate each one of those reasons..u hear me God?

Subhashree said...

A pair of topaz earrings.

Sue said...

Hack -- Tui kake-y ki dili?

How do we know -- Cool. :)

Sur -- LOL As I asked Hack, what did you give, then?

Dipali -- That SRE of yours is the cutest, you know that?

Ron -- Ugh. Why do men do that? My brother does similar things all the time!

Abha -- Anything counts so long as you consider it valid. Therefore, congrats on a good haul. ;)

MM -- Flowers sound good to me. Was the shock a pleasant one?

Casuarina -- Pretty good, I'd say.

Gayatri -- If it helps, Vicky made it a point not to give me anything all these years. These chocolates were my first Valentine since the first boyfriend gave me cards in 2000!

Subha -- I've said it before and I'll say it again... you got good taste in husbands, my dear!