Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things You Can Do Today

Join the Blank Noise I Never Ask For It movement. It ends on the 27th but till then you can blog, tweet or take a Facebook stance.

Me, I'm putting up this photo:

Look at it, go on.

I was getting on the Metro one evening last December, tired and crabby. The train was full and the idiots who block the gate were there as usual. As I was pushing my way inside a hand came and groped at my right breast. Luckily, this time I had the presence of mind to grab the hand and start yelling. It turned out to be attached to a young college boy who was standing there with his friends, claiming he hadn't done anything. I yelled and made off in the opposite direction, unnerved by how nobody in the whole compartment stepped up if only to ask for more details.

Look at my picture. Think of how grumpy you feel on your way home from office when you're contemplating the household chores. Think of the effort it takes to shove your way into a crowded train. Now tell me exactly how I was 'asking for it'.

If you are interested in language and how it develops, especially amongst young children, go take this poll by Utbt.

Take a moment to rejoice at the fact that Uma Shankar is back. And take another moment to wonder whatever happened to the little old lady who used to beg at the corner of the road near the Metro. I gave her a rupee now and then and I don't think she ever gave me a look. One day I had Rahul with me and I gave him the coin to put in her hand and I'll never forget the look on her face as she hungrily grabbed and blessed him. I do wonder what has become of her.

Go give Dipali her daily hug. Now she needs it more than ever before.


Aneela Z said...

i always fantasize about carrying a compass and sticking it into them but as you said when you are tired and exhausted you hardly remember all this, the best thing is to carry some loose change in your hand and when you grab that hand claim that the guy was stealing from your bag...for some reason this always riles other people...sadly this is one thing no one accuses you of "asking for it"

starry eyed said...

@Aneela: Loved the strategy!

Sue, hugs.

Sue said...

Aneela -- Funnily enough, that's the thought I had this morning, so that's what I've planned to do henceforth.

Starry -- Thanks. Do take UTBT's poll, both you and Aneela. I see you've done the hug for the day!

utbtkids said...

!!!She put it up on her blog!!!
*Wiping tears as she walks away*


Thanks a bunch.

themunchkinblog said...

Am getting pissed just reading about the groping incident..oh how many times I have been through the same too.

I have tagged you on my blog by the way.

dipali said...

And I was wondering why I was getting all these hugs! Thanks, Sue.

Sweetness said...

Hi Sue! Stumbled onto your blog and the very first post reminded of those horrible days, where a woman for-I-don't-know-what-reason is taken advantage of. I had a bitter experience too and I'm sure thousands of women can relate to this..

c said...

Having experienced several times the same "Eve Teasing" in crowded public transports in India as a single female tourist, I really sympathise with you ; you did very well to protest vehemently and not to let pass the incident unnoticed.

It's a shame that these things happen in a modern environment and I can imagine your exasperation and frustration, after a day of work and having still to do you daily chores at home...

Keep fighting, these hassles from stupid males (of all ages) is shameful and not admissible, I salute your courage !

(Catherine D, Belgium - who found about your blog thanks to BBC "worldblog" - "superpower")

Sue said...

UTBT -- Orrey the senti, eh? :P

Munchkin's Mom -- Will do the tag this weekend, since the deadline is over anyway. Thanks.

Dipali -- My pleasure. *higs*

Sweetness -- My friends cursed the little toad with boils on his penis. I found that quite comforting. I hope he's rolling around in agony as we speak.

Catherine -- Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. Street sexual harrassment is a very real problem in India. Since you've been a victim of it, I wonder if you would be interested in checking out the Blank Noise Project?