Monday, February 08, 2010

The Fine Art of Diplomacy

Rahul’s taken to gagging when we feed him something he doesn’t like. He got very good at it during his stomach infection last month and was given dire warnings to cease and desist or else.

He hasn’t tried it with me but when he went to spend the weekend with Ma on Friday, he did it again. She told me she tried to feed him “motorshoot” (matarshuti aka peas) and he gagged, scaring her.

I turned on him, ready for murder and mayhem and he decided not to whine his way out of this one. He thought for a few moments, came and stood cozeningly next to me and said (very sweetly), “Ami motorshoot khai na, ami aador khai.” (I take love, not peas.)

Seriously, what would you have done?

I grinned and hugged him. Bah.


dipali said...

Smart kid!

aargee said...

that's so cute!

GG said...

bah...peas are overrated anyway, but sweetpeas like him! SO SWEET!!
PS: that was a very profound statement for someone so little...
Bengali question: would aador translate to respect?

itchingtowrite said...

awwww give him some from me too

Trish said...

LOL!! he is a cutie! LOL!! what more could you do/say but,hug him.Aadya doesn't like peas too.Coincidentally,I wrote a post on similar lines,tonight.

Casuarina said...

He's utterly butterly adorable :-)

GettingThereNow said...

I would have hugged him too! I WANT to hug him. Waaaaiiiiiilllll!!

E said...

OMG!!! He said that!! He is a little yogi-punk!!!

Mama - Mia said...

he is ready to be a heart breaker Sue! ;)


Sue said...

Dipali -- Too smart for his own good, I say!

Aargee -- Heya stranger. :)

GG -- No, "aador" would be love/affection/petting depending on the context, I think.

Yes, I found the statement unexpectedly profound myself.

Itchy -- Done!

Trish -- LOL. Will go check it out.

Casuarina -- Thanks!

Cee -- You know what? You can have him. Send me your postal address, I'll go check out courier charges.

E -- Yep, he said that. :)

Abha -- Yes, I suppose he is. *sigh*