Monday, February 01, 2010

Financial Whizkids

An old exchange between me and the Mon:

Mon: preschools are so expensive

Me: True. I don't know what they do with all that money. Sat down and worked out finances for the month, last night. Somewhat precarious but I managed to make ends meet and put some emergency cash aside. And this morning Vicky says, school fees. Which just gobbled up that emergency, bah!

Yes, I don't like spending emergency cash, not even for emergencies. Only shopping counts!

Mon: because shopping is real emergencies. everything else is fate kicking us in the backside.

Me: YES!

*looks gratefully at Mon*

I'm going to blog that, I'm afraid.


On this note I announce that I bought four shirts and two pairs of trousers and a corduroy skirt from the Pantaloons sale this time. Am trying to tell myself it's all work gear which I badly needed so I really oughtn't feel so guilty. And am trying not to think of the nine panties and five bras I bought at the Loveable sale just weeks ago. A girl needs clothes, you know.


dipali said...

Of course she does!

debo said...

work gear is non-negotiable you know

hack said...

so so, how IS the Pantaloons sale? i've been holding myself off for ever so long.

starry eyed said...

Yeah well I spent 3000 on clothes for me and my daughter and 1000 on Tulika books at retail therapy session on Friday...and Man...does it feel good or what?! So enjoy the lingerie!

Mona said...

tee hee.
shopping only counts if you share pics of the loot, sez the wise mon.

Trish said...

WOWW!! where are the da pics,Susie?

Sue said...

Dipali, Debo -- Of course! :)

Hack -- Not bad, like every time. Eventually I find something or the other I consider a decent buy. I wish I'd had the money to check out shoes as well.

Starry -- LOL! Btw, I bought 12 books for Rahul and Totto Chan for me at the Kolkata Book Fair recently. Guess how much I spent? A grand total of Rs. 351. Long live NBT.

Mon, Trish -- Ah, I'm too lazy. Besides, it's just vague clothes. Nothing particularly exciting, you know. Shirts and trousers. The lingerie is in pretty colours though.