Friday, February 19, 2010


Life seems to be moving so fast.

We got back from our trip to Delhi and Shimla in the first week of January. Another week went by meeting Nan and Maitra and trying to catch up with work and home. Then the parents and Mejopishi and A'kaku hit Cal and life became one long round of get-togethers and parties. Then Guddi got married on the 21st and that meant busy days before and after. I missed all the tatta packing but I managed to attend the aiburobhaat (went for the Saraswati puja at office afterwards all dressed up in my new earrings and a fancy saree). That was some trip. I picked Rahul up from Garfa and then took a rickshaw, an auto, a bus and shank's mare to Guddi's. Cabbed it (part-way) to office afterwards, though!

We celebrated our fourth anniversary on 22nd Jan in a fairly desultory fashion, eating dosas before a show of 3 Idiots. The movies was great fun, though and Ma babysat Rahul so all waz well.

Immediately after the wedding Rahul succumbed to his annual Big Winter Illness. It was a stomach virus this time and it left him dehydrated and very drained. He threw up everything we got down his gullet, including water. Made for some very tense days. The Siblings did not add to the joy, coming and fussing at us the way only Baba and Mejopishi can. This time they got ample support from Anindyakaku and Ma too, bah.

Rahul was ill for a whole week and more and January ended. In the middle of all this madness I never got a chance to touch the stuff I was making for Soumya's baby. When the calendar shifted to Feb I went into panic mode and started bringing my kit to office in a mad attempt to complete the stuff in time to send to her mother to carry to the US with her when she went to visit Soumya.

February has been a little slower, easier, kinder on the whole, but the bonhomie and camaraderie Vicky and I had found between us in Shimla waned.

Thus far Feb's been a month of some late nights at work, some major tantrums from the boy and unexpected forbearance from Vicky. The gas ran out twelve days ago and that's been stressful. Ma loaned me a cylinder of hers but she does need it back. I discovered that the parlour across the road from my office does lovely shampoos and the girls actually listen to the kind of cut I want. Makes a nice change. The shampoos in particular will save my life in the future, I foresee it.

We went for a lovely birthday party yesterday. Sonali's daughter Paree (as opposed to Nunu's son Avi, you understand) turned three so Sonali organised a party at the Tolly children's playground. It was a great idea and the kids seemed to love it. Snacks were restricted to popcorn and juice, which was just as well because none of the kids seemed interested in food (why eat when you can tumble off a slide, I say) ; the high tea was varied and delicious and I ate like only an office-going girl can at 6 pm. Rahul was rather psyched by the clown but he, like every other child there (including yours truly) fell violently in love with the cake. A lovely teddy bears' picnic done by Kookie Jar. The details were beautifully done, right down to the bowlful of cream by the plateful of strawberries. It's the pity they use the hard sugar-paste-y thing that's not much fun to eat. The chocolate cake underneath was delicious but that goes without saying.

Baba retires at the end of this summer. They have already vacated their flat in Madras and are living in a service apartment now. The luggage has been dispatched to Vizag and Cal. Ma is in Cal now to receive the Cal consignment which is expected on Sunday morning. In the meantime I shall be running around with the Matador guys early tomorrow morning to bring her a fridge from Patuli and cupboards from Garfa.

When I was on the phone with her over the arrangements there was a short pause and then she said, "But will you be travelling with these men, Ayesha?" And I told her that I would, because I know them and besides, I've had to get over such maidenly modesty years ago.

Makes me a trifle wistful sometimes because I used to dream of growing up and leading a sheltered life. On the other hand, I don't like people telling me what I can and cannot do so I've never been able to stay sheltered very long at any stage of my life.

I need a pedicure and some nights out with the girls. Let's see what the weekend holds.

By the way, girls, check GoGirl out. I love the idea although I'm not sure how happy I would be to cart it around.


Thinking Cramps said...

Wow...busy days. The "Go Girl" sounds really good in theory but I'm with you on carting it around - want to know if there's a sophisticated (and non-yuck) way to do that.

Saya said...

I love all the bengali relative names you use in your posts..

dipali said...

Sue leading a sheltered life?
Na, doesn't sue-t her.
Life gets busier and busier- wottodo?
Dil dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din.....

B o o said...

Lovely post, Sue. Ditto about the sheltered life. I think some of us just dont have it in us to lead that life. I think my sheltered life came to a grinding halt when I took a bus to go from coimbatore to Trichy and sat on the engine(?) seat(with a hot bum!!) in between the driver and the conductor and chatted with them until Karur because there was no seat available!!

Shuktara said...

Night out with girls followed by catch up session happening tomorrow. Wooooooooo-hooooooooooo!

hack said...

i agree, time does fly. and over completely non-earth shattering things. my january was so like that: wedding and buying gift and meeting people. all v.pleasant, but less of actual work done. a quieter, more concrete february, hopefully.

Sagarika said...

phew! and I thought I had an "eventful" Jan and Feb... and staying at home is all I need for all the time to come!...waise.. not new to your blog... but yea thought its high time i threw out my "lurker" image and say 'Hi!'

Subhashree said...

Wow! You give new definition to hectic, SusieQ. But the best part I loved was taking your kit to the office to finish up. It is a good adrenaline rush, na?

Sue said...

Ana -- They tell you to rinse it out and there's double packing, so theoretically it's no worse than carrying a toffee wrapper around until you find a bin, say. Still... :)

Saya -- That's what I call them, you know! Easier and shorter than descriptive names.

Dipali -- Fursat ke raat din? I ever had any of those? Not that I can remember. :)

Boo -- LOL, really? My ammamma soul is shocked to the core but my Sueness cheers you on.

Shuki -- Yay us! Also, is there any point to pedicures this week, given that Holi is on its way?

Hack -- And is Feb turning out quieter?

Sagarika -- Hi, so nice of you to delurk! Staying home seems like you'd have more time but you know what they say about work expanding to fill up all available time. ;)

Subha -- Yes, it is that. And a senior colleague even knitted some rows while I worked. A lot of love went into these pieces.

Shuktara said...

That gives us double the incentive to meet. First for Holi (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink) and then for a post-Holi pedicure session. Let's work on Dana now. Indeed, I had a sudden brainwave of doing a Santiniketan trip over the weekend but I know that won't happen.

Thinking Cramps said...

Well better imagined 'icky-ness' than actually experiencing it on a dirty toilet seat. Though if only water was always available for the said rinsing...with a short road trip coming up, I am considering it.

Sue said...

Shuki -- Ahem. Post-Holi pedicure session?

Ana -- That's what swings it for me. Also, see, I can carry a plastic bag around, use, empty and bin it. No need to carry icky stuff around and no need to sit. I came up with this spot of brilliance while writing out this response. :)