Friday, December 11, 2009

The Why Not in the Why

It’s wedding season here in Cal and that means every now and then I come across newly married couples off to work together in the Metro. It’s cute. You can make them out. The girl’s clothes tend to be new, so new they have never been washed. Her mehendi’s fast fading but the loha (iron bangle bound in gold) glitters brightly. Her clothes are coordinated and she mostly wears her shankha pola (bangles of conchshell and coral, respectively). The husband tries to find standing room near her and when they talk, she looks up at his face and he bends down. They find themselves touching all the time.

The couple I had in front of me this morning, they made me laugh. They had to be older than me but me, I’ll have been married four years come January. The days of taking the bus down Dhakuria bridge and having Vicky pay for my ticket seem like a long time ago. Now he drops me off at the Metro on odd mornings, if I ask nicely and leave at a convenient time. Some days he even offers off his own bat. He doesn’t bend down to hear what I say but I daresay my voice is no longer quiet and unsure. I look up into his face when he talks but as likely as not, he’s frowning at the clock or thinking of something else and looking at the Mac.

Some days I question myself, what I bring to him. Most days, if you were to ask, I’d say I bring the laughter. I bring the unexpected outings, the bizarre situations, the spur of the moment decisions. I bring the madness, good and bad.

What does he bring me? Go on, you tell me.


hack said...

it's strange how i was wondering just yesterday what i bring to my relationship. and well, i don't really know. i know what i get from it, oh lots, but who knows what it is that keeps him with me, he with all his beauty and kindness.
good that you know and from your blog, it does seem a lot more than the laughter and madness only.

hack said...

just noticed the question at the end of the post. uh, happiness? kindness, warmth and perhaps like old wine, the taste grows richer with time.

Saya said...

the kumkun on the newly wed woman's forehead... meticulously adjusted.

Saya said...

Oh.. just noticed the question.. I did NOT mean to say he brings kumkum on your forehead..
now tat i come to think of it.. LOL

rads said...

Frankly, I could have written the last lines myself and asked the same q of my husband.

Stability is what I'd come back with. Yeah.

sraikh said...

I have been married 12 yrs and it scares me at times.MOst people my age are just starting out..:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

This wedding season has me wanting to get married all over again!!

To MIM, you ask? Hehehehe...that is for me to know. Only me and my God! ;p

Thinking Cramps said...

It would be presumptuous to claim I know that, given that I only met you guys once.

But, since you ask, I'd say he unwittingly provokes you into writing some of your most from-the-heart posts on this space :)

telsto said...

the zeal to bear with your madness.

the mad momma said...

he balances out your madness. like the OA does to me. You may not see it but a third person would have to be blind to miss it.

And oh - he brings the teaspoon of whatever it takes to make a bhablet

rohini said...

hmm.... still thinking

Sue said...

Hack -- Maybe you bring him the love. S'il suffisait, then who else can complain.

He brings me kindness and warmth and yes a certain richness to my life.

Saya -- LOL Yes, the sindoor is always so carefully done.

Rads -- Stability, huh? I think Vicky and I both give each other much needed stability. I give him a home and he makes it worth living in, for me.

Sraikh -- Nah, sex I could get so easily. Although I freely admit he's the best I ever had. Safe enough to say it here because he never goes through old comments. ;)

M4 -- I think the groom can remain an indistinct figure in my fancies if only I could have my trousseau again, LOL!

Ana -- For that alone the man needs kicking, I say. Such posts come hard times that he has business putting me through!

Telsto -- Zeal? He's not the zealous sort although he is very patient.

MM -- True. It takes a Vicky to make a Bhablet. Left to me I'd have made a placid little girl.

Rohini -- :)