Thursday, December 03, 2009

In which Sue cannot believe what Shuki just said!

My new profile pic on FB is getting a lot of responses. Mejopishi has loaned me a colourful set of woollens for our Delhi trip this month and I modelled them on receipt.

They led to the following exchange between Shuki and I:

Shuki: I want a scarf like that.

Me: We can make scarves like that. The one in the pic is crocheted but I think it could be knitted as well.

Shuki: Well, I can't knit to save my life but maybe you could knit one for me as a Christmas present?

Me: You know what we can do? We can form a knitting club. I have lots of wool I don't really need so I'd be happy to kit you out. I got it off Mejopishi so basically, it's free and can be experimented with. ;)

Shuki: You realize we are slowly becoming these comfortable elderly women? From pedicure parties to knitting clubs... It's no longer sleepovers and ganja parties.

Me: I'm blogging your mail.


SUR NOTES said...

Firstly, the profile picture is the best ever.
Most importantly, knitting and ganja party, probably the best ever. Shall book my ticket to cal right away.

Sue said...

Sur -- Now that you make the connection, I guess the set does look like it was knitted during a very stoned party...

deej said...

You had ganja parties? Dude! Where's the invite? Tell Shuki you can club a knitting party with a ganja one - imagine the psychedelic ensemble that will result!

On second thoughts, having seen your winter gear, scratch that. You ARE psychedelic.

Rimi said...

Pah. Stoner parties. My friend and I are getting together so we can knit ourselves (much needed) thick woolly stalkings for the bleeding New England winter. And then she will help me buy fabric so I can make myself pwetty but simple A-line dresses. If we have time left over the next four months, I'll try and learn how to make jewellery with wires and things.

It's going to be the best time I've had hanging out with someone, I can just tell. Btw, send me wool if you don't need it. I want to knit my stalking with it!

Rimi said...

The word verification was "psychoot". I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You're one helluva trippy chica...and that's a compliment! And the winter wear you're modelling? -- can't say it enough...LOVE 'EM!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The pic is lovely ... and those wools.. how colorful !! You really carry it off so well ....

B o o said...

I dont even knit! Think I should buy some cats?

itchingtowrite said...

LOL @ boo!!
nice pic- I died laughing esp at the expression

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Awesome expression and totally colorful woolens! Would love to know what your exact thought was when you posed:)

Subhashree said...

"From pedicure parties to knitting clubs... It's no longer sleepovers and ganja parties."


Shuktara said...

All said and done, I fear we are still quite capable of having a pedicure ritual, knitting session, drinks on the side, and then proceed for a lond drive, end up at the Park and dance it up... all on the same night. So maybe we're madder than when we started out with the sleepovers? :P

Suki said...

LMAO Rimi - Psychoot?

Ah, knitting. The reason I've been called a grandma since I was eleven.

Sue, I don't think I'll manage a rainbow scarf this season. Already crocheting a red and yellow, and knitting a muffler for a friend. Quite enough for an ephemeral winter!

Sue said...

Deej -- :P Can't quite see you in a stoner party anyway, heh.

Priyanka -- You do realise how eerie you sound, right?

LOL at psychoot.

M4 -- I love them too.

Cantaloupe's Amma -- Hey, welcome. Ages since I heard from you. :)

Boo -- That led me to think of what would happen if you kept geese. And if your husband were to come home in the dark one day and think one of them was you... we could never say of him that he wouldn't say Boo to a goose.

*falls over laughing at her own wit*

Gosh Boo, you think that was a sign of senility???

Itchy -- :P

Swapna -- I was probably scheming how to not return the set to my aunt.

Subha -- :)

Shuki -- You forgot to mention carrying a teddy bear to Park while wearing ratty nightwear. Also, the bit where we went hunting for call girls. ;)

Suki -- You want to knit two baby vests as well? I'm running out of enthu and looking to outsource!

Poppins said...

You went hunting for call girls-? Why? Love that picture though!

Sue said...

Poppy -- Long story, that. Perhaps Shuki will tell you. Shuki?

Beq said...