Sunday, December 06, 2009


Buttermilk pancakes* (with honey)

Pork sausages from Kalman's

Half a fried tomato for me



Yesterday's breakfast was interesting too:

One-eyed jack (an egg fried in the circle cut out in a piece of fried bread, most unhealthy)

Lean bacon from Kalman's



*I had minor changes to Mona's recipe: three medium eggs since I didn't have two large; an extra spoon of baking powder since I didn't have baking soda. Used the milk+lemon combo since I didn't have buttermilk. And a dash of cinnamon on a couple of pancakes. Very tasty.


E said...

Come home to me, I will make you some pumpkin pancakes or do you prefer some homemade blueberry muffins with some Irish butter to start with???

Sue said...

E -- I'm good with whatever somebody else makes me. And if you're the cook, so much the better. :)

E said...

I will add a big dose of looooove!!!