Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Game of Me

Between now and the end of the year (that's 31st December 2009) I shall start blogging under a new name. No, I don't plan to tell you what it is right away or even when I shall start.

I shall blog at this blog I started already (so you can't go by the date on the first post, doh) and I may visit your blog and leave comments. I say I may because of course, I could just do what I do best and lurk. You can take the Sue out of the blogger but you can't take the blogger out of the Sue, can you?

Heh, bet you never even saw that witticism coming.

Anyway, so this is my plan. Feel free to glare suspiciously at all unknown commentors. Maybe, if I feel all friendly and generous, some time in Jan I shall let you know which one I am. Or perhaps, if I like my new voice better, I'll just shift gears.

Ooh, driving terminology 'n' all.

So, well, don't say I never declared the show open.


Saya said...

Hah.. This is gonna be fen.

starry eyed said...

Whattay coincidence. *looks smug* I read somebody's old post coupla days back in which you'd commented and left the name of this other blog you'd set that the one you're talking about?!!!

Or maybe you set up LOTS of alter-ego blogs!

Sue said...

Saya -- Fen it shall be. :)

Starry -- Eh? What other blog? Dreaming is defunct and I can't think of any other blogs.

sole said...

Hmmm interesting..let the game begin ;)!

Aneela Z said...

uff the tension...the anxiety...very Caliph Harun who came knocking at your door in disguise...and now the race to scrub up my blog and keep it shiny just in case you visit.

Sue said...

Sole -- It has begun. ;)

Aneela -- Woah, look who de-lurked! Don't worry, I've seen your place like you've seen mine. Makes no diff if I see it in a new avatar, does it?

upsilamba said...

Am I the only one thinking this is not fair?
Or is everything fair in love and blog?

kochab said...

Now see what you made me do. You made me get over my supreme fear that the guy in the next cube at work (who is always popping in uninvited to look at my screen) will find out what I am typing about and made myself delurk. So here I am delurking :). What am I saying? I have commented in the past. Sorry not delurking, just waving!

sraikh said...


I will look forward to the game.

Anonymous said...

Have absolutely no idea what everyone is talkin bout but sure seems like fun :)


Shrabonti said...

And what about us who don't have blogs, or have defunct ones they are too lazy to obliterate completely? How will we know?

Anonymous said...

is Shrabonti sue?

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

This is going to be mucho fun-oh!

See you in the blogosphere...that is, in case I haven't already!

Sue said...

Upsi -- But why is it unfair if I go anonymous? Most of you prefer anonymity. I thought I'd finally give it a shot.

Kochab -- *waves back*

Sraikh, Pallavi -- It's been fun so far. ;)

Shrabonti -- You won't, na, will you? Will this get you to revive Marauder's Map?

Anon -- Could be. That's an interesting thought.

M4 -- :)