Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Excuse me, mamma, that man is scaring me.

It was one of those mad weekends. I was to go to Delhi for a day when Ma asked if she could take Bhabs to Madras since I wouldn’t be around anyway. It was her birthday on Saturday and Dada’s on Sunday. Then, since Vicky would be alone at home, I asked him to accompany me to Delhi. So Friday was quite chaotic, what with early morning packing and dispersals in different directions. Mejopishi moved to Delhi (permanently) on Saturday, so that was another big thing. She and I exchanged fridges, I took her geyser and wools and stuff as she wound up her household here.

Vicky and I took the Howrah Rajdhani on Friday afternoon. How the mighty are fallen… these new coaches are pathetic. The side berths are too small and too narrow for comfort and the service sucks. And the damn train was 2 hours late. We were carrying two suitcases of Mejopishi's so Anindyakaku very sweetly picked us up from the station.

Eventually, we spent just over a day in Delhi. But we got to meet the Mad Family and I got to meet Rads. Shopping happened. Vicky’s mum had asked for curtains, so I got her some from Sarojini. Very pretty ones too. Some funny animal socks for the boy and a couple of summer tops from Cottons and that was it. Pretty disciplined shopping, I think. The Mad Momma and the OA fed us and watered us and took us around so all in all, I think they’ve pretty much justified their existence. Oh and she found my butterfly earring. It's one of my favourites and I thought I'd lost it down the drain, so really, as a hostess she's rated pretty high just now. Even if my cutlery wasn't perfectly aligned on my plate.

Brat’s grown so much. His smile is just as full of mischief as ever and he first ignored me and then taunted me and then cuddled into me liked we never fought. I missed Rahul horribly just then.

Vicky decided to make faces at the Bean. The man just doesn’t learn. She took it for a while and then tugged at MM, saying piteously, “Excuse me Mamma, that man is scaring me.” When that didn’t work, she tugged at me and repeated, “Excuse me, that man is scaring me again.” I tried to explain that Vicky couldn’t scare little girls if his life depended on it but she wasn’t having any of it. I think it’s the beard, myself. No doubt he’ll never shave it off now.

It was lovely meeting Oye Pancho unexpectedly. Dude, I owe for that bike ride. And the hot dog. Look me up if you ever come this way, OK?

It was a good trip. We ate "ghol ghappey" and squabbled over accents and insults flew thick and fast and we pigged at the drop of a hat. Good fun.

It felt good traveling with Vicky. Just the two of us wandering around an airport. We seem to have a lot of time to ourselves these days. I miss Rahul then but at these times I remember how much I enjoyed Vicky’s company at one point. (Don’t nitpick, I still do, just saying it reminds me of the good old days.)

We saw Kurbaan last night. I thought it was pretty good, reviews notwithstanding. It’s not great art maybe but it’s definitely value for my money. Ma brought Rahul back this morning and I can’t wait to go home now.


the mad momma said...

dude, how about saying something nice about me..just y'know, for the sake of it. you dont have to mean it

SUR NOTES said...

sue, she did not align the cutlery?

so what if she fished out your earring from the drain.

the two dont compare.

ten points down for the mad hostess in dilli.so what if she flashes the warmest smile ever!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

The MM is pretty amazing, that's old hat by now. But the Bean never fails to crack me up...in wonder, delight and absolute awe!! Hehehehe..."Excuse me Mammaa, that man is scaring me"!! MM, are you sure she's not Brit?

And Susie Q, what a fun holiday! Totally envious :-)

Saya said...

LOL at the bean.. 'Excuse me'.. that girl is too cute.

Trish said...

awww so cute the bean I mean!!
Man I have been watching this space and the Mad one's for a write up on the meeting..:D..Seems like loads of fun.

Sue said...

MM -- But I said you were a good hostess! And I'm very appreciative of you guys taking such nice care of us. I did mention all that. I think.

Sur -- No, can you believe it? And I'm dead sure I saw a crooked picture frame on one wall, too. Also, there was far too much sunlight on the balcony. But I hope I'm not one of those guests that complains all the time... *looks pi*

M4 -- Actually, she said it with a cute American accent. They are both real darlings.

Saya -- Yes, she is! They both are.

Trish -- You were? LOL!

eve's lungs said...

I did say Vicky needed to shave off that beard and go back to his normal self :p

Poppins said...

LOL. Ok, I still green with envy but can't help chortling at the bean's words.

starry eyed said...

What fun! That Bean is just too precious! Is Vicky sufficiently chastised?

Sue said...

Evie -- LOL! I've passed on your comment.

Poppy -- :) She is delightful. I can't ever decide which one is more so.

Starry -- I doubt it. He grinned and carried on, the shameless wretch!

uttara said...

Sorry. I bumped into you guys at GK and didn't realise it was you. MM introduced you as Sunayana and it just didn't click. Sorry for being so dense. And rude. Would have loved to have talked more to you.

Sue said...

Uttara -- Don't worry, I was just as zapped. :) Next time, OK?

sole said...

People from different parts of the world, all meet at one point by chance...what fun! Can only happen in India :)! Totally cool!

Mystic Margarita said...

Like I said over at maddie's, I can't imagine Vicky scaring Beanie - now you are a different story altogether!

I finally reached kol after a delay of over a day as our flight was cancelled due to engine problems and we had to be rerouted through Delhi. popol and I are down with cold and sore throat now - will call and meet up when a little better. Can't wait to meet you guys, specially Rahul :)

uttara said...

Ya, I used to be mumbaigirl, then ra at punarjanman and am now blogging under my real name. This is what happens when real and virtual collide!

Sue said...

Sole -- :)

Mystic -- Call, call!

Uttara -- Goodness. I never knew you were all the same person, LOL! Must keep proper tabs on you.

Pancho! said...

Delhi winters + Delhi roads + Dilliwala with a 'Bullait' = Loads of fun, no?

It was great meeting you guys at whatsername's place too.. drop by more often....
and I'll definitely take you up on your offer whenever I find myself in Cal next.

the mad momma said...

whatshername's place?

*one tight slap*

Sue said...

Pancho -- See you this month, with luck. ;)