Monday, November 02, 2009

Coffee or Me? Neither?

Do people eat more when they get less sex?

Don't get all uptight, I'm not pointing any fingers. Just wondering, is all.


Nu said...

I think it's directly proportional... :) more sex more eating !

aargee said...

If getting less sex is more stressful for a person, then may be "yes"...coz they say, you tend to eat more when more stressed.....

Mama - Mia said...

going by Nu's logic and then your as well... i will just leave you guessing why am i fat! :p

Manasi said...

what a lovely thought :-)
will come back for more!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Compare pictures of the me of today and the me of six-eight years ago and you'll have your answer!

Mona said...

nope, quite the opposite i think.

Poppy said...

That explains why I was so thin before I met the hubby!

debo said...

Depends on the following:

1. Quality of sex
2. Quantity of sex
3. Regularity of orgasm
4. Availability of food, post coital
5. Availability of food, pre coital
6. Kind of food available

but generally, yes:)))

Munchkin said... totally trippin on the comments!

Sue said...

Nu, Mon -- No feeling of satiety?

Aargee -- I can follow that logic. ;) Are you still, blogging, girl?

Abha -- :P

Manasi -- Do.

M4, Poppy -- But when I lost my virginity I was a slip of a girl and stayed that way until, oh, 2005, I think!

Debo -- I think it all boils down to what food is available, yes? :)

Avanti -- So'm I!

rohini said...

hmmmm...i think eating less would drive ur senses to have less eating, more sex

Sue said...

Rohini -- Uh huh? I'm not sure which holds good for me but definitely more eating can never be bad.