Saturday, October 03, 2009

For Ayesha, with love

It's a hectic weekend so my post on our Vizag holiday over Durga Puja will have to wait a while. But I came across this poem written nearly four years ago that seemed to perfectly capture how the trip made me feel. Wistful for what I had and grateful for what I have.

On an unaccustomedly sunny day
You think of the man of your dreams
-- Not all he was cut out to be --
And it seems
As though you’ll have to make it do
And you never thought that you
Would be satisfied with that.

With the sea-breeze in your face
You will never be lonely again
The pain
Of it is now an old memory.

You will wish you had been more specific
When you’d asked, made a more complete list
But this
Is what you’ve got.
And it’s good.
So it must do.

In the unaccountable sun,
As the wind makes love to your hair,
Somewhere (not very far away)
As you think of what you once felt
I’ll be thinking of you
-- With love --
And you can consider yourself held.

Sunayana Roy

11th January 2005, revised 15th Jan 2005


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

The last verse is definitely the icing. And the last two lines?...the cherry on top!

Saya said...


starry eyed said...


hack said...

it's a very nice poem. i agree with the first two paragraphs greatly, though i am still not sure whether i'll settle for it. but but, and i think this is the nice part, i don't think i mind particularly, either.

Subhashree said...

SusieQ, it is lovely.

Thinking Cramps said...

The lines kept coming back to me after I read them the first time - so here I am, back to read it a second time and telling you I loved them.

Rohini said...

Lovely, Sue!

Shreemoyee said...

Its beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Sue said...

Everybody -- Thank you.