Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fishy News

Quite apart from acquiring Blobbie nieces, your favourite Sue has also been acquiring livestock. Like Blobbie girl actually belongs to Ro and Jai however (sigh), these goldfish actually belong to Rahul. This was the second and the original part of his third birthday gift.

We had fun scouting around a couple of shops looking for options. Ultimately, the shop we settled on all but refused to sell us anything but goldfish. We must have looked a really gormless lot.

But they're nice, eh? With their wee house and their orange gravel and nice, round fishbowl. That green blob at the back to the left is actually their wee net. Most exciting. Here's a closer look. Meet Pranav, he of the stripey tail (on the left, I think), and Uttam, he of the spotty tail. Names to be changed to Pranati and Uttara if found necessary.

Rahul enjoys watching them and feeding them (boy, are these fish greedy) but I see Vicky enjoys them even more. Very fishy man, my husband.


starry eyed said...

Nice! Best fishes..err wishes to Pranav n Uttam!

Poppins said...

LOL. My hubby's a fishy man too was wanting to buy some for Poppin's bday. I beat him down to it - what you expect me to take care of two more critters?

Sue said...

Starry -- *rolls eyes at Starry*

Popsicle -- But they need no caring for and Poppins is old enough to learn to feed them. Just a water change once a week, that's it, we've been told. Give us a month, we'll give you more feedback. I know Vicky and Rahul have yearned for pets for ages. Maybe when Rahul is old enough to look after a dog himself I'll get him one.

Aathira said...

Presently I have a cat, so no fishy options, but soon, I shall be getting myself a nice small aquarium with a air pump et al. I just need to train the cat to not jump too high!

Gauri said...

Nice, Sue :). Yes, fish do make lovely pets and they have a very calming presence :).

We have an aquarium full of them - have had pet fishes since 1995 actually :))

dipali said...

I must come and meet the new pets:)

saptarshi said...

Gold fishes need lots of oxygen. And winter is coming. You better stock up on an air pump. They are small and are easily available.

Sue said...

Aathira -- That sounds like a fun plan.

Gauri -- Woah, you guys are the experts. Tell me, why do goldfishes want to eat all the time? Greedy beggars.

Dipali -- :)

Saptarshi -- The shop ppl categorically said no need for an air pump. They seem OK so far, touchwood.