Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the way to school this morning

... the boy said that his teacher did not serve him cooked rats.

(Amake Aantie indur ranna kore deye na toh!)

I wonder if he expects me to take it up with her?

What every woman needs

... is somebody to sensuously eat dessert with.

Or, failing that, to dream of sensuously eating dessert with, I suppose.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Now I'm following my own blog.

I don't know how I end up doing these things...

Your Aid is Solicited

You may remember my unfortunate experimentation that led to the loss of my blogroll. Ever since that cataclysmic day, I never know where to go when I want to read. So I have decided to re-form my blogroll.

Will you please leave me any two links you think I should read? Feel free to leave links to your own sites.

I plan to make a selection to put up here and save the rest for off-blog reference.

Thanks for taking the trouble.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Opinions I’ve Changed

When I was a teen I was pretty sure I’d always feel the way I did then about things. Funnily enough, in less than a decade, I’ve changed my mind about many of them.

1. Jewellery on men. I was brought up to think this was as wrong as wrong could get, but this was before George Michael entered my life. Know what I’m saying? I don’t always dig the jewellery men wear but I now know it can look very, very right. Vicky wore a couple of my anklets strung into a necklace for a while once and believe you me, it was hot.

2. Bikes and SUVs. I used to find them really sexy. Now I equate bikes with bad driving and messy hair and SUVs with bad driving and fuel waste. I like cars these days. I still like convertibles as much as ever.

3. Behenjis/Ammammas/Aunty types/Maamis. I like re-defining these terms now. But I’ve never really had a problem being called Aunty, come to think of it, although I did get a jolt last month when a shopkeeper in New Market called me Boudi.

4. Abortions. I’m no longer as judgmental as I was wont to be. I’ve never said that one should be forced to keep an unwanted pregnancy but I’ve often thought that people who had them didn’t try hard enough to keep the kid. I guess I’ve grown up about this.

5. My parents. I always thought they sucked at parenting but I now think they did a darn good job. Of course, Ma continues to insist that I brought myself up and that she and Baba oughtn’t be held responsible.

6. Clothes. In my early teens I continued to think clothes were over-rated. Now I may not remember people but I mostly remember what clothes they wore. Or I can be made to remember people from a description of the clothes they wore.

7. Waxing. I’m so very comfortable with my hairy arms now. I look at them occasionally, and mentally chide myself for not caring enough. And then I go back to my hairy existence.

8. Crackers. We as a family were never big on bombs or even crackers in general but we always had some every Diwali. Now that I have to buy them myself, it feels too much like burning money so we buy very little. I prefer to spend my money on mustard oil for diyas (which somehow doesn’t feel like burning money.) On that note, a Bihari vendor rang my bell this morning, selling fresh ghee. It smelt wonderful. I bought 250 gm at Rs. 60.

9. What other people think of me. It still matters but it matters so much less than it used to. I don’t lie awake nights wondering if I should have said this or not done that. I still analyse my behaviour but it doesn’t keep me up at night.

10. Money. I always wanted to marry money or earn lots because I wanted the lifestyle. But all my choices have been directed (deliberately or not) at a very laidback lifestyle. We seem to always teeter on the verge of not having enough but we seem to pull through too, touchwood.

So what have you changed your mind about in these last ten years?

Two Links that Made Me Go, 'Wow!'

First, QC. As you know, I have an unfortunate weakness for gray.

And then, the puppets. Link from Beq.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fishy News

Quite apart from acquiring Blobbie nieces, your favourite Sue has also been acquiring livestock. Like Blobbie girl actually belongs to Ro and Jai however (sigh), these goldfish actually belong to Rahul. This was the second and the original part of his third birthday gift.

We had fun scouting around a couple of shops looking for options. Ultimately, the shop we settled on all but refused to sell us anything but goldfish. We must have looked a really gormless lot.

But they're nice, eh? With their wee house and their orange gravel and nice, round fishbowl. That green blob at the back to the left is actually their wee net. Most exciting. Here's a closer look. Meet Pranav, he of the stripey tail (on the left, I think), and Uttam, he of the spotty tail. Names to be changed to Pranati and Uttara if found necessary.

Rahul enjoys watching them and feeding them (boy, are these fish greedy) but I see Vicky enjoys them even more. Very fishy man, my husband.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doula Announcement

Blobbie's here. For more news, watch this space.

Me, I'm still dancing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fathers and Sons

While I was having a quick shower on Sunday I heard Vicky and Rahul having some sort of an argument. At one point, after a brief silence, I heard the boy squealing like a stuck pig. I thought they were playing but he was actually wailing, “Chaado!” which is Babble for chharo (let go) and this went on for a good few minutes. I got annoyed and opened the door, ready to give them both a piece of my mind for not even letting me bathe in peace.

What I saw was Vicky calmly sitting on the edge of the bed holding Rahul firmly in place over his knees. This was Vicky’s way of punishing him for some misdemeanour or the other. When he was satisfied, he replaced Rahul on his feet and they both went their way, honour satisfied.

I looked on, spluttering.

These Niyogys make no sense to me at all.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


life being very full and very busy and very hectic and very very, actually. all well, will post when i feel more like it. am feeling very lazy mostly. toodles.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

For Ayesha, with love

It's a hectic weekend so my post on our Vizag holiday over Durga Puja will have to wait a while. But I came across this poem written nearly four years ago that seemed to perfectly capture how the trip made me feel. Wistful for what I had and grateful for what I have.

On an unaccustomedly sunny day
You think of the man of your dreams
-- Not all he was cut out to be --
And it seems
As though you’ll have to make it do
And you never thought that you
Would be satisfied with that.

With the sea-breeze in your face
You will never be lonely again
The pain
Of it is now an old memory.

You will wish you had been more specific
When you’d asked, made a more complete list
But this
Is what you’ve got.
And it’s good.
So it must do.

In the unaccountable sun,
As the wind makes love to your hair,
Somewhere (not very far away)
As you think of what you once felt
I’ll be thinking of you
-- With love --
And you can consider yourself held.

Sunayana Roy

11th January 2005, revised 15th Jan 2005

Friday, October 02, 2009

Oh ye of little ambition...

Me: If you keep treating me like this, well, you'll be sorry.

V: Hmm.

Me: When I've gone away with my millionaire and you are alone, you'll be sorry, so there.

V: I'll catch up on my sleep.

Me: Well, I will be sleeping by the Mediterranean.

V: And I'll be in my bed.

Me: (getting carried away) And I'll open my eyes and there will be the most gorgeous beach, and he'll be Austrian so we'll go to the Alps and... and... eat chocoloates!

V: And I'll go to my 'fridge and eat chocolates.

At that point I decided to refrain from wasting my pearls on certain MCPs.