Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Third Birthday

Rahul's third birthday fell on Saptami this year so we had an early birthday party on the 19th instead. Ma couldn't make it to Cal as planned (Baba fell ill) and the MIL decided she wasn't up to it, but Dada and M'pishi were both in town. Unlike last year, I didn't have a guest list and menu and return gifts all ready about six months in advance. Actually, I only got my act together when I realised I had six days left. Luckily, I'd mostly finished the shopping for the school gifts. I spent a happy night packing twenty-six little glittery sacks with

a mask
6 boiled sweets, orange ones
a pencil
a small eraser
a tub of Play Doh

for each classmate, handed out on the Thursday, their last day of school. At the party on Saturday each kid got (in a glittery paper sack)

6 boiled sweets, orange ones
a pencil
a mask for some, erasers for others (I was 2 masks short)
a Camel painting kit (12 colour tablets with a paintbrush)

The ages ranged from two 13 year-olds to a nine month-old so water colours seemed like a versatile and comparatively safe gift. Ratul (the 9 monther) got a wee bowl and sippy cup set.

We ordered the cake from Flurys (Giga's gift to her "Dadubhai"):

It was a fantastic chocolate sponge, not too sweet and a perfect foil for the sweet figures. As you can see, there's a sugar train running over hilly country with much greenery around, a tiger, a horse, a rabbit and a fox decorating the scenery, a "mountem" concealing four little chocolates and a jawan (soldier) and a girl doing a Marilyn Monroe in short skirts at the side. Most inappropropriate really, for a kiddy cake, but I loved eating all that sugar.

As MayG pointed out, this was the year that Rahul had been looking forward to his birthday party. He loved the cake and kept running up, asking to be shown the "twain". This is him trying to blow out the candle (a lavender-scented 3 balanced on the "mountem") while brandishing the cake knife. His Ennapishi and Rijudada look on while I balance Ratul on the other side.

I don't know if you've noticed, but my baby's grown up on me. He's a "bada Dada" (big elder brother) to Ratul and very proud of this status although he's quick to state that he's a "chhotto Baby" too in case anyone thought otherwise. He wore the red Superman tee gifted by his Th'amma (Vicky's mum) for the party.

I kept the food simple. Chicken and veg patties from Flurys, cake, juice and chips. And two of the birthday boy's favourites, chocolate wafer rolls and "mishtikola"* (narkel nadu/coconut and jaggery laddus) on the side. To be ended with yummy nolen gur ice cream. M4, we missed you. :) Dipali was there for a quick fifteen minutes at the start of things. Evie came just before the cake was cut and the nicest pics of the party (these) were taken by her.

Rahul got lots of fun gifts although his favourite was probably the bright green Ben10 double decker bus from Ennapishi (you can see it where he's blowing out the candle). He also got a lovely wooden shape sorter from Dr D (father of Ratul the Cute) amongst some cool clothes and chocolates. But the grandest gift came from Baba and Babu (who seriously need to grow up, yo). It was opened at Giga's the next evening amidst much excitement and cries of "Tomis" and "twain"!

The set has three engines, Thomas, James and Percy, a wee tunnel for them to pass through, Wellsworth station to stop at and lots of loops and track changes. The engines are pull-backs and roll their eyes as they go. As you can see, they made Bheblu babu a very happy little boy.

* This note is dedicated to Rimi, who I think will enjoy it the most. And for being the mashi who brought him an early birthday gift after taking the trouble to sift through the books to weed out the ones with American spellings!

Narkel nadu comes from the mishti wala, right? The sweetmeat vendor who walks through our neighbourhood with his dekchi of sweets on his head. Vicky and Rahul are regulars of his, so he comes by every few days to refill our narkel nadu box. This man is fond of the boy, and lets him dip his hand right into the dekchi and help himself. To my eternal indignation, he gave me a lecture on treating children right because they are little gods. As you have rightly guessed, he is a grandfather himself. So anyway, the man and his sweet became part of the whole to Rahul who couldn't pronounce mishti wala right and called him mishtikala instead. From there to calling the sweets mishtikala was a short step. It kept us guessing for a few weeks though, given that mishti kala in Bengali sounds like "sweet banana"!


Deej said...

Aww looks like bhabhs enjoyed himself.

dipali said...

Awww- adorable party for our adorable hablet:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Awww! I'm feeling worse after reading this! I can't tell you how much we missed being there!

I owe you guys a visit! Esp that handsome little Bhablet of yours!

Poppy said...

Ah Thank you milady Muah.
You look dapper and your boy - just gorgeous! I love his gifts too :) Ah the possibilities with a boy !

And where did MayG point out that this was the year etc? I couldn't get that link. Or was it offline?

Nice post! Happy Birthday to the sweet little guy!

Sue said...

Deej -- Yes, he did although life wasn't quite so hunky-dory when Babu decided to make some other baby her focus of attention for a few careless minutes. But we tried to be grown up about it.

Dipali -- I wish, wish, wish you could have stayed longer. :(

M4 -- Come on over while the holidays are on, if possible. Rahul will be back in town some time next week. The boys' gifts are waiting.

Poppy -- Thanks, hon. The possibilities with a boy are rather limited, much to my surprise. All the dudes want to talk about is transport!

MayG reference was an offline one. She pointed out that the third birthday was when kids really start to get the whole idea of a day being set aside specially for them, a party being thrown just for them etc. All considered, I think she's right.

starry eyed said...

Happy birthday to the big little boy!

As an experienced mom of a 3 yr 11 mth 2 week old, I can reassure you that they will talk a leeetle more about non-transport matters by age 4:) and I'm finding the possibilities have suddenly become unlimited. One day a week is car-playing day now, hah ;)

Avanti Sané said...

Happy Birthday Rahul!

I really enjoyed reading about the party, reminded me of my birthday parties when I was a kid. Aand you are totally a pro at this stuff now!

upsilamba said...

Happy birthday, Rahul!!

Everything looked great, Sue. Was wondering where you were (with the absence of posts).

ps: the mishti wala reminded me of Little Mini and Kabuliwalah (Tagore fame).

The Friction in your Jeans said...

He is beautiful.

Sands said...

lovely pictures. Happy b'day to the sometimes big sometimes small boy. I remember the superman days with my boy. Enjoy them.

eve's lungs said...

Yo Babu that kid is right cute and he was more interested in the candle than the cake . You forgot to put that in !

Madhavi said...

Happy Birthday Rahul...

SUR NOTES said...

happy birthday to the big little boy, and to his mother, cheers!

sraikh said...

A bit later but happy birthday to him!! Who looks happier, the daddy setting up the train or the boy playing with the trains. :)

Ron said...

Happy birthday to him. I must say Vicky looks as delighted with the train as the little boy does :)

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns to the Bhablet...It sure looks like you had a fun party :) I LOVE how the cake seems...

Lovely kurti Sue :)


kochab said...

Happy Birthday to Rahul! He looks adorable (and all grown) and may I say that you do not look like a mother of a 3 year old!

sole said...

Hey a week late. But belated happy b'day to the Bhablet!

* I thought of you quite a bit over dusshera. I was reminded of the Durga pooja celebrations and the drums,the decor and the devi @ B.Nagar and none other than you came to my mind :)! Do they still do it there?

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Rahul. . Looks like a great party :)

Casuarina said...

A very happy belated b'day to Rahul...ishh, he looks too grown up to be addressed as 'The Bhaeblet' now...I so love children (and puppies !)...I only wish they wouldn't grow up so soon !

Sreetama said...

tokey dekhey hinghsey hoy. abar bheeshon khushio laagey.
I wish u and Bhaebs all the happiness in the world. Mukher hnaashi jyano legei thaake.
kala tika

Shuktara said...

You got yourself a kurta from W, if I'm not mistaken? Nice choice :-)

Sue said...

Starry-Eyed -- Phew! He does like dolls a little and occasionally he 'cooks' on his wee range, but mostly he is transport mad!

Avanti -- Look who's talking. :) I was planning to try my hand at a train cake, inspired by your work of art last year but there was a butter shortage in Cal just then.

Upsi -- Hey, how's it going? And LOL, you don't have to tell me which Kabuliwala, there's only ever one, na? Yes, I suppose Rahul will forget this man one day but he is really fond of him now.

Friction -- Thanks.

Sands -- Sometimes big sometimes small is about right, thanks. :)

Evie -- Oh yes, how could I forget? He loved the cake but he coveted the darn candle and eventually sneaked off with it when I wasn't looking!

Madhavi -- Thank you!

Sraikh, Ron -- Thanks. They both enjoyed the trains, LOL (as did I).

Pallavi -- Thank you, we did have lots of fun this year.

Kochab -- Thank you :)

Sole -- Aww... We don't go to the Besant Nagar Pujo so much as the Bengali one in T Nagar, but I appreciate the thought. Pujo this year was in Vizag. I must write about it.

Monika -- Thank you. :)

Casuarina -- Well, I don't call him The Bhablet now, in fact I haven't for a very long time, you know. Thanks for the wishes.

Sreetama -- Thank you. Hingshe korish na. You'll have all this some day too, when you're ready, you know? Reunion-e ashchhish?

Shuki -- It was a gift but I adore it. It's ever so comfortable.

The knife said...

are those Flury's patties. I just went there this evening on a stop to cal. Was planning to order them for my grandpa's 90th birthday on Sunday

Sue said...

Knife -- Yes, veg and chicken patties from Flury's. Very filling. I suggest you serve them cut in halves.