Monday, September 07, 2009

Oh, and I really need to wash my hair…

It was a pleasant weekend. I had been feeling rather flu-ey since Thursday morning, so I took the day off. Since Friday’s my flexi half day I forced myself to get out of bed and go to work. (I think I actually got out of bed because I was angry at something Vicky did, but I’ve forgiven him since. Besides, I can’t remember what he did.) A half day of nothing constructive, a lunch of ghugni-ruti and a lift home courtesy Smitadi made me feel a lot happier about life. I walked the ten minutes from Dakshinapan and enjoyed a very light rain (ilsheguNri brishti, isn’t that a lovely word) near my home.

We went out to dinner, all three of us. We went to KFC in the rain and while Park Street, sadly, is no longer at the top of my list of places to go for fun (it’s my workplace, innit) we did have a very pleasant time. The food was great. I had their boiled sweetcorn for the first time and that was also very nice. Rahul fell in love with his balloon. We went over to The Cafeteria afterwards. Someday I must write about the place but only if you promise not to visit it too much. Some lovely Viennese coffee and a brownie were enjoyed in absolute privacy and comfort while Rahul ‘fought’ with his balloon. It looked like balloon hockey to me. That kid’s crazy. Home and bed.

Saturday morning the boys slept a little late while I checked mail. Then we scurried out to visit Krishnamashi (Vicky’s aunt). She had surgery on Monday and is currently staying with one of her sisters in our neighbourhood. Rahul spent a happy half hour charming his didas and seeing pictures of a baby cousin. The rain continued. We eventually left for Garfa, picking up some puffs and pastries from Flury’s, South City for M’pishi. When we eventually reached Garfa Rahul announced that he didn’t want to stay back on his own. I felt rather bad about this, because he’d been saying he didn’t want to go since much earlier but I know he’s only messing with my head. As soon as I tell him he can’t stay he howls the place down until M’pishi pleads with us to let him stay the night. Weird kid. He’s reached the stage where he contradicts himself twice a minute. Makes for lots of tantrums but yes, it also makes for many interesting conversations.

Vicky brought some biriyani for lunch. The Singer teacher couldn’t come from Howrah because of the rain and I was grateful. It was a peaceful afternoon and I caught up on my ironing while watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on DVD (I'd never seen it before). It rained harder in the evening but Vicky sweetly offered us a lift, so Shuki and I went to watch Shob Charitra Kalponik with Joy at Priya for the 9 o’ clock show. Kaku and Co were expected to visit us but Kaku found himself driving to Rahul at Garfa instead, LOL! Grandparents, I tell you. The first half of the movie was very good while the second half was rather disappointing but the whole gave me much food for thought. Vicky picked Shuktara and me up from the cinema hall and we chatted (rather indiscreetly) over coffee at the CCD near Shishu Mongol. I’d have preferred a Barista but at least they’d turned off the music and we didn’t have much company so in the end it was rather pleasant. Then we pretty much kidnapped Shuki and insisted she come home to chat some more. By the time Shuki finally went home around 3 am, Lake Gardens was quite flooded.

Sunday morning I spent partly on the phone with Ma, partly attending to the household. For lunch we drove down to Forum for shawarmas but they have cordoned off much of the seating area for renovations and it all felt rather claustrophic so we went and had momos at Tibetan Delight instead. My first visit but you bet I’ll be back. Such lovely, lovely food. I ate my first kotheys – steamed momos pan-fried on one side only. The best of both worlds, really. Thought of Cousin T. I don’t suppose I can ever go there without thinking of her. Then we wandered round to Crossword (last day of the Sale) but escaped unscathed. We didn’t buy a single book, really.

Finally made our way to Garfa to pick up the Hope of the Household (which household would be a very pertinent question, yes) and feasted on ghugni and lots of piping hot, sweet, milky tea. Then M’pishi decided to take us to try the New! Improved! prawn cutlets at Kwality but we were all so full, we didn’t leave home till nearly eight. And when we did reach Kwality, the cutlets disappointed. But the chicken club sandwich was pretty decent. The ice creams were tasty enough even if my cassata did have a layer of virulent pink.

As you may expect, Rahul cribbed all the way home and wanted to stay back with M’pishi for the night. Twice a minute, I tell you.

This one weekend was both pleasant and relaxing and we didn’t spend astronomical sums of money (although I guess M’pishi did, over our dinner.) Both Vicky and I were looking rather wistful this morning, I noticed.


Mama - Mia said...

whow!! Cubby does the whole contradiction bit too. as long as its opposite of what we are saying, he wants to do it! hehe!

and thats one helluva errr'''relaxing (??!!) weekend you had there!



Thinking Cramps said...

The weekend sounds like such a lot of activity. I miss having so many relatives and friends around. But then I am not overly fond of most of my relatives, so maybe it’s a good thing :)

Nautilus said...

The description of that weekend made me so nostalgic!! Just got back from Kolkata you see...and ilshegNuri is a such pretty word!

Sue said...

Abha -- We tried reverse psychology but it only works some of the time and then only because we're speaking really fast so he's having trouble following the logic. Kids!

Ana -- I'm not overly fond of mine either, just a couple. :)

Nautilus -- :) I like writing these down to read later.