Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Nicety of Taste

I stopped at Biba yesterday evening, seduced by the sale. They had some shalwars, churidars, tops and dupattas in bins priced at Rs. 99, Rs. 199 and so on. I’m looking to change the appearance of a kurta set I wear, and after much deliberation, I found a shalwar and a dupatta that seemed viable. I took them into the trial room to check the look and Rahul wriggled in.

He looked thoughtful when I wore the shalwar but as I held up the dupatta, he calmly said, “Tumi eta porte parbe na.” (You can’t wear this.)

Amused, I asked him, “Keno?” (Why?)

He thought for a moment – I could see him search for the word – and then said, with great satisfaction, “Karun eta nice na.” (Because it’s not nice.)

Vicky still doesn’t understand why I couldn’t possibly buy the stuff after that.

This is how he speaks. On occasion he still speaks in Babble but this conversation has been written exactly as it took place, with the words clearly pronounced the way he does.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Menz. They can never understand. But the sistren do. I would wear saris everyday just for the looks and words of appreciation from my two brats...if only it weren't such a hassle to handle!

And I hope you treated your boy to something 'nice' afterwards :)

Rohini said...

LOL! I'm meaner than you though. I;d have bought it just to show him that he doesn't get to have a say in what I wear :)

Aneela Z said...

count your blessings, raising a kid who is liberating you from the 'burden' of the dupatta!! Would you rather he was throwing tantrums that You Cant Leave The House Looking Like this every time you wanted to channel the inner Malaika Arora.

sole said...

Oh..my nearly 3 year old helps out too! He tells me what looks nice, what to buy if I give him a choice in the store....I find it very cute!

sraikh said...

My girls are much older and have opinions on everything. Especially the 10 yr old! I sometimes oblige them and allow them to dictate and other times, ignore their suggestions completely..

BTW, men dont understand these things. And I dont think I have ever heard o seen the kids commenting on their daddy's clothes

palsworld said...

Does he call u Tumi? Is that like aap in Hindi? :)

Sue said...

M4 -- :) I treated my boy to something nice at dinner -- my chocolate pastry! (I had his instead.)

Ro -- That's what I usually do, but you should have seen him grin and heard him tell me, Tumi eta porte parbe na. Like, you can't possibly be serious about wearing this, like I had actually been kidding him.

Aneela -- Nah, I need my dupattas and he likes them fine too. He didn't like this particular one and I still don't know why. I thought it was quite pretty, myself.

Sole -- Aw, that is cute.

Sraikh -- I think I've been bossing my mum around about clothes since, oh since I could speak. :) Anyway, your 10 yr old has good taste, going by her jewellery.

Pallavi -- Tumi is like tum and yes, that's what he calls us. Aapni is the equivalent of aap.

Poppy said...

Already? These boys ! :) What did Vicky say, did he like the dupatta? What if he had - what would you have done ? ;p

Sue said...

Popsicle -- Vicky mostly doesn't have an opinion on the clothes I buy, so it was quite exciting for Rahul to have something to say! And Vicky did tell me he liked it so I should just buy it, especially given that Rahul contradicts himself all the time, but somehow, I couldn't. Not after the way the boy panned it!

Thinking Cramps said...

Hahaha...that was really cute! I am so glad you didn't buy it after he objected!

Mama - Mia said...


they are just so cute when they start talking! and talking all grown up in that baby voice!

i just ask Cubby isnt it nice?! hehe!


dipali said...

When did this one become so big?

OilPastel said...

exactly what i was thinking..

Toe Knee said...

It's funny how kids can be so precocious at times

Sue said...

Ana -- I couldn't buy it, I tell you. And now Ma asks me everyday if I'm wearing 'nice' clothes or not.

Abha -- Awww!

Dipali, OilPastel -- I don't know. :(

Toe Knee -- Yes!