Friday, September 04, 2009


So, I've been surfing around a bit lately (AB, go away!) and here are some posts I think you'd like to read, if you haven't read them already.

Evaluating your worth as a blogger by Mom 101. This one reminds me of Daniel taping over the Apple logo on his Mac. He's still as much of a fan as ever but like he said, they aren't paying him to advertise. Spot on. Which is why I don't walk around with flashy labels. In fact, if you can read the labels on my clothes/accessories, chances are that they were gifted. I don't like paying good money to work for people. This brings me to something that particularly pisses me off -- sportswear. Ever seen the number of logos and whathaveyous on them? Sportspeople are paid to wear those clothes. The fans pay to get the chance to wear them. Whatever. Now you can call me cheap or you can call me smart but I refuse to pay crazy amounts to carry free advertising. (If the clothes were cheap, we could talk.)

Bossy's take on the season's fashion trends. I've been known to do similar things, only I haven't ever taken photos to blog, silly Sue. I do love funny fashion posts. And thanks to a Mad Pal, now I'm hooked to *sigh*

Bloggess talking about a book she could write. Sounds a lot like conversations chez Sue except that, heck, except nothing much. Except that yes, Booberry has got to be a girl, dude. How would you like to be a dude walking through life being called Booberry? I admit it might help if you weren't walking, if you were, say, driving a Ferrari, but really, Booberry is just not a boys' name. Says the woman who called her son a Bhablet. Although, really, he ought to blame his Shejdadu for that one.

Dipali posts a timely quote. I am so very possessive over that son of mine and the only way I can deal with it is to cut him loose and obviously, that doesn't precisely fix the matter either. Since the day I decided I was probably pregnant -- keep in mind my teens were closer to this date than they were probably to yours, unless, of course, you're Boo or Mon the child brides -- so where was I? Oh yeah, since then I swore to myself to give my kids the freedom I fought my parents so hard for. And I thought I was doing a fine job until I figured I don't give my boy the right to choose his own clothes or where he wants to go play or what he gets to eat or when he gets to step out of the house or anything, really. On the other hand, he still ain't three. When he's about 15 I'll try to feel properly guilty. Till then, as Dipali said, the house rules apply. If they can apply to the nearly 33 year-old, they jolly well apply to the 3 year-old. The 27 year-old says so.

Speaking of which, Spud-boy turned three. I know this may not be a life-changing event for most of my readers, but you see, Charlie's birthday is an announcement of sorts to me each year that Bhabbles is most definitely turning yet another year older and there's nothing I can do about it. Of course, as Sparx points out, the kids are getting funnier by the year, but still. I try to be in denial.

Anyway, so that's my little list. Got any links you want me to check out?


Mona said...

not at the moment, no. but if i think of anything, i'll come back :)
loved the bossy link!
and thanks for the child bride reference ;)

SUR NOTES said...

facebook style thumbs up to sue clicking pictures of her take on fashion.

that is the only fashion thingie i'd ever be able follow-fashion writing makes me ill, usually.uless its fashion writing/tracking like the one bossy does.

hope you are inyour city in oct, shall be in your neighbourhood.

Sue said...

Mon -- Any time, darling. :)

Sur -- Hah, you de-lurked! I should be in town, but you give me warning so that I keep myself free. We have lots of rain cheques to cash in. Do you think you can work in a lunch or a dinner?

SUR NOTES said...

delurk? but i have commented before. and am a regular reader.
will cash all rain cheques:)

B o o said...

Who you calling child bride, you child mom you!
Interesting links. Loved Bossy!

Nu said...

Good that you shared these link..checked few of these..

I agree to you on brands and labels point. It is not really necessary to buy brands and cough out your hard earned money just like that if you can get the same look by wearing road side shopping or from local stores. For instance,I remember going to a branded saree store juts to inquire the price of a very nice pretty saree i saw on the mannequin. It was for 15000/- only :) Okay. Then, sometime later I went to my tailor and told him what exactly I want and he did the similar saree in just 2500. Moreover, the look was totally why pay more ya-just to show off that you wear brands? Nahhhh :)

dipali said...

Awesome links, Sue!
Bossy's so funny:)

Mom101 said...

I love your take on clothes with logos! Years ago, my grandfather refused to drive out of the lot in a car with the name of the dealership around the plate. He said, "I work in advertising and if you'd like to negotiate a rate for that I'd be happy to sit down with you." They took it off.

I guess it's in my blood.

Sue said...

Sur -- I can hardly wait. :)

Boo -- Is this your first comment ever here???

Nu -- I am willing to invest in a brand if the quality of the purchase is worth its price but yeah, mostly I get more satisfaction from a bargain. ;)

Dipali -- She is, yes.

Mom 101 -- You should have included your grandfather's story in your post. He's perfectly right, of course. I work in advertising too and I think it's time people thought a bit more about the stuff they inadvertently advertise. Would you believe I take the leather name tags off the backs of my jeans? :)

B o o said...

I ve commented before! Ok not many times but I have. Read every post of yours of course so please forgive! :)

Sue said...

Boo -- I didn't even know you read me! Gosh, you've got all my posts archived in your elephant memory. Now I'm psyched. *faints*