Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dhan te nan!

Rahul has not been well. Over the weekend he developed high fevers but no other symptoms of illness apart from some crankiness but that may as easily have been his resentment at being made to sleep so much. Anyway, he seems OK now.

Last night he went on his first outing in four days (the horror!) to Giga’s. And then refused to come home with us. Now, I was all for bodily carrying him away but his forlorn face and Giga’s unashamed pleading got Vicky to agree to pick him up the next morning in time for school (you couldn’t pay me enough to do this). Since we were on our own, we caught the last show of Kaminey. I’m down with a cold thanks to the over-high AC and I did come home feeling absolutely punished because I had been tired enough to start with and a three hour movie isn’t the easiest thing at the end of a long day. BUT. The movie was such great fun.

Go on, say it, Dhan te nan dhana nana!

I am liking this Vishal Bharadwaj chap more and more. To my utter shock and horror, I am also liking this Shahid Kapoor chap more and more. This is my official relegation to Auntyhood. Vicky and Rahul slept most of Sunday so I watched Jab We Met on DVD. I still think Shahid out-acted Kareena although she was really good too. I admire understated performances, they are never easy.

I have been thinking of so many things of late. So many people saying so many things, sparking off such tidal reactions. My cousin recently tried to say that I ought not take offence if people are rude to my father – my father, folks – because I insult him myself over here at this blog.

First, I don’t remember insulting him. I know he reads my blog too and I value my hide. So, most likely she misread whatever it is that I wrote.

Second, he’s my father to insult, nobody else’s. Unlike most of my cousins, I am not afraid to criticise my parents to their faces, nor is criticism the only thing I give them. I give them fierce love and open loyalty and I think they are also proud of the fact that they have brought up kids whose loyalties are not blind.

Third, this is so cowardly. This is not the first and it won’t be the last, but if you have criticism, bring it on here. Here, at the blog. Bring it out in the open. Don’t hide behind other people and expect me to ‘respect’ your point of view if you don’t even have the courage of your convictions to stand by them to my face.

So, I’m done ranting. I don’t like backbiting. Especially among us cousins. Especially now.


Poppins said...

I knew it! I knew I was an Aunty. First I admitted that I wear Kurtis with mommy Jeans and now I will admit I like Shahid - not a whole lot but he's a cute baccha (there that confirms my aunty status)

I still haven't watched Kaminey though..

Talking about blog posts offline is a total No No. Unless it's a blog friend in question, and even then only a passing mention is better.

But email should be ok na Sue? Probably said cousin didn't want to embarrass you.

Sue said...

Popsicle -- You're an aunty like Sue's a behenji, yo.

As for the rant, no it wasn't an email. She used the line in conversation and it doesn't help that she said it to somebody hoping it would get back to me while never actually having the courage to challenge me up front. Sorry Pops, no whitewashing this one.

And yes, emails I get aplenty, mostly from friends, and I find them a little less objectionable. Will edit the post.

Mona said...

damn right Sue. that's telling said cousin!
and where's this aunty discussion coming from? i'm an aunty too!

dipali said...

VB is a genius. I'm so glad you finally did see Kaminey. I also liked Priyanka Chopra's performance in this film.
I do get your point about families, and love, and loyalty.
That's telling folks.

Anonymous said...

I am not a aunty. I am a 17 teen who is love with Shahid. I lurve him Poppins and Sue aunty.

Will your cousin admit it here on the blog? My cousins all read mine. My chachi reads it as well but they are miles away in Singapore so I dont really know what they think about me.

But sometimes, that chachi says something to my mom and she calls me a in fluster and asks why I wrote it on the Inteeernet. :)

Beq said...

Well, as you know, my mother reads MY blog, and upbraids me for "foul" language. Which is insanely funny. As you once said, its how we bring up our parents is what matters.
Shahid Kapur eh? Oh well not bad, though I prefer Abhay Deol meself. And of course, the peerless Pankaj Kapur.

Shuktara said...

Eki. Weren't we planning on seeing it together? I shall now have to watch it alone. Sigh.

Sue said...

Mon -- Of course you're an aunty. :P

Dipali -- Yes, PC was also pretty fabulous in the movie. I've been quite impressed with her since 'Fashion'.

Asaan -- :P My cousin wouldn't even admit to me that she reads this blog, funny girl. I don't know why she thinks I'd mind. A lot of them read it!

Beq -- Abhay Deol is another person I find suprisingly hot. He's a Deol dammit. :(

Shuki -- One movie I don't mind watching all over again. Let's go!

Poppins said...

Ooh I lurve Abhay Deol and I loved him even before Dev D happened. So there. Did I ever tell you that I'm a big sucker for dimples ? All my exes have had dimples - atho the DH does not. hmm I think that means something but I don't want to introspect here :)

Sue said...

Poppins -- I loved 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' too. I *heart* dimples. Vicky does have a cleft chin but it's not the same. On the other hand, if he'd had dimples my jealousy would have burnt him up, so it's probably good he doesn't have any!